Friday, November 30, 2007

TWO WEEKS Before The Big ReNewal!!

Published By Ephran Price TWO WEEKS Before The Big ReNewal!!
Giblink really will rock the world of Internetsocial communities. Two weeks left before those that
signed up at the first of Sept. will ReNew theremembership. (Remember ReNew every 90 Days)!!!!
The information I received onthe Giblink call last night was awesome.
Getting Hard to Sleep a Full night!
Those HEAVY HITTERS that got in early will be ReNewing! Then every HOUR and MINUTE after that there will be someone joining or ReNewing their membership. Can you imagine thechain reaction this will start. Take advantage of what the big boys have done.
The GREAT thing about the HEAVY HITTERS advertising Gibline is if you JOIN NOW!, everyone that JOINS under You now and The ReNewals that are comming back in in TWOWeeks Will Push You up the ladder so fast you want beable to hold on!! Now is that FREE spillover or what?
GET IN NOW!!!! Gibline has a GREAT Pay Plan and Products.
Giblink social network community will rock the world!!! Do not MISS this opportunity.
Be Blessed
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giblink Patience...No Advertise scenario!!

Nov. 28th 2007Published By Ephran PriceEMail sent to me: By Robert Wilcox...[Giblink Patience]
For those who are in gibLink, this is thebest- worse case scenario I’ve seen
For those who are NOT in gibLink—Rememberthis is a DO NO ADVERTISING scenario!!
DISCLAIMER: gibLink cannot and will not guarantee that any individual or entity
will make a specific amount of compensationin a specific period of time. How much and
how often you earn compensation depends entirely upon your efforts and the combined
efforts of the entire gibLink team. HOWEVER if you meet all of the criteria in the following
example, you will earn the indicated compensation.
1. You must have purchased a Pro Package ( $ 150/qtr).
2. Based on your 3 original pods cycling through one complete line for each four month period.
3. Does not include any enhancement such as referral bonuses, referral matching bonuses, monthly revenue sharing bonus, Gibsales commissions and etc.
4. You must renew every three months.
5. You must have PATIENCE!!!
4 months = Line 1---- Compensation = $100.008 months = Line 2---- " = $700.0012 months = Line 3---- " = $1,400.0016 months = Line 4---- " = $2,800.0020 months = Line 5---- " = $5,600.0024 months = Line 6---- " = $11,200.0028 months = Line 7---- " = $22,400.0032 months = Line 8---- " = $44,800.0036 months = Line 9---- " = $89,600.0040 months = Line 10--- " = $179,200.0044 months = Line 11--- " = $358,400.0048 months = Line 12--- " = $716,800.00 FOUR YEAR TOTAL = $1,433,000.00PER MONTH AVG. = $29,854.16 NOW YOU MUST DECIDE!!!! 1. Do you have the patience to wait and let the system work for you?
2. Could you put $150.00 every three months into the bank and expect this kind of return?3. Could you work at your job for 40 hrs/ wk., 50 wks/ year for four years and get this amount of compensation? HAVE PATIENCE -- SUPPORT AND UPLIFT gibLink -- LET THE SYSTEM WORK FOR YOU.
ByRobert Wilcox-Have A Better Life
Sent to me by Robert Wilcox a member of Giblink and on the gibline.God Bless you Robert. I'm with you all the way.

Be Blessed
Ephran परिस