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What you Need to Know About Blogs and Internet Marketing

Feb. 21, 2008
Published by Ephran Price

A Sneek Preview Into The World Of Blogging

The key to making money through affiliate programs or other forms
of advertising is traffic, which is simply the sheer number of
visitors who arrive at your blog daily. In terms of affiliate
marketing and SEO, the more visitors your website has, better
are the chances or rather prospects of your products and services
to be recomended from your website.

Many first time bloggers automatically assume that once their
blog is setup and they put a few posts on it, they will get
some hits and regular readers. This is quite untrue. You won't
get any traffic if no one knows about your website. There are
many different ways to market your blog and gain more visitors
which will eventually allow you to make money through blog-based
affiliate marketing.

The use of blog traffic exchanges is one method you should consider.
In this particular article I intend to showcase methods for proper
blog usability which will automatically ensure sucess for the
reason of blogging.

The first priority your blog has to have is presentation.
Most web users are instantly turned off by poor presentation
or common designs that seems to be tacky at the best. It is
a known fact that, no person would prefer staying logged on
to a website if the navigation is annoying.

The aim is to have a unique blog, different than all the
other weblogs on the net.It shouldn't take a reader more than
a click, if any, to find your email address or a contact form.
This makes the reader feel like someone who actually runs and
cares about the website. An about page(regarding author details)
is also a great asset to have on a personal site or blog.
The more a reader knows about you, the more they trust your content.

Your blog's usability goes hand in hand with its content.
You can specialize in an unusual subject as long as you
have an idea of how many people might be interested in that subject.
If you do well with your niche subject matter, you could get some
crazy traffic for being the only decent blog online with that
type of content.

On the other hand you could have widely used content, such as some
aspect of technology, but add your own twist with your opinion or
comparing/contrasting from other tech analysts. People won't go to
your site to read other people's edition, rather they will be on
the lookout for new takes.

The one thing to kill your traffic is having identical content to
another several hundred blogs.Finding out what your content should
be is a key element of your blog's identity and the type of image
your blog will ultimately emit. More over blogging or using other
people's content will only allow google to announce your website
as a PLR (plagiarized) website.

Following are some questions along with the answers that are bound
to creep into the minds of many amateur bloggers:

1)How do Blog Traffic Exchanges Work? Blog Traffic Exchanges are
simply websites which operate on a reciprocal viewing ratio,
whereby you'll manually surf and visit various blogs in the network,
in return for other users to visit your blog. For example, by
logging into a blog traffic exchange and visiting one blog in
their network, I would earn one credit which means that I'll
get one visit in return from another blogger who is using the
same traffic network. This is the most basic principle of all
blog traffic exchanges, although some exchange networks will
allow you to buy credits which will translate to visitor
traffic from other users.

2)What are the requirements to use a Blog Traffic Exchange? )
The most basic prerequisite is that you will need to own a blog.
Registration for these blog traffic exchanges are usually free
and all you'll need to do is to submit your blog and start
surfing to accumulate traffic credits, which will ensure that
other users surf and visit your blog as well.

3)What are some types of Blog traffic exchanges?

Blog Explosion


Blog Soldiers

Blog Advance

Blog Catalouge

Blog Flux.
4)what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?
Advantages- Free exposure for new blogs. New blogs usually
have very little referral or search traffic and the focus
is on getting people to know your blog actually exists.
Blog Traffic exchanges can perform this function and may
even help to increase your initial reader base before
organic traffic from search engines starts to kick in.

Building long-term referral traffic. Traffic exchange
visitors are all bloggers and are the people you want
to attract when you are trying to build a much bigger
readership. The more bloggers you have reading your
blog, the more potential for incoming links and future
referral traffic.

Disadvantages-Some bloggers have suggested that
advertising networks like Adsense do not allow the
use of traffic exchanges, because they generate
artificial traffic and ad impressions.Blog traffic
exchanges are similar to StumbleUpon in that you'll
never really know what to expect.

For some exchanges like Blog Explosion, you can
choose to surf blogs only in a specific field
but I'm not sure how many users actually use
this function.The traffic that you are trying
to monetize is actually limited only to the
users of each Traffic Exchange. This means
that after consistently using each exchange
for a while, the quality of the traffic as
it relates to affiliate programs might decrease.

Now coming to the main point of blog success.
How does one do proper blog promotion? If your
blog is an acclaimed hit you don't have to look back.
Blogger itself has an array of settings, many of
which work to your advantage in this endeavor.
This first grouping is quite simple and just
requires that you sign in to your Blogger
account and flip a few switches. is a blog update notification
service that many individuals and services
use to track blog changes. When your setting
is activated, Blogger will notify
that you have updated your blog. That means
your blog will be included in various "recently updated"
lists on the web as well as other blog-related services.
Traffic-grabbing techniques is a little more persnickety
and not as readily activated.

The basic gist of this section of methods is
"If you build it well they will come."
You'll need to incorporate the other aspects
of self-promotion, but it's true that writing
a great blog goes a long way towards repeat visitors
and word of blog. Write quality content and do it well.
If your "style" is bad writing, worse grammar, no punctuation,
and an ugly design, that might be okay for a niche crowd.
But the idea here is to get a big crowd so fix yourself
up a bit, pull it together man, have some respect for your
readers, and discover a style that shines brightly through
good blogging.

The other factors you need to keep in mind while blogging
on the net are: 1)Publish regular updates 2)Think of your
audience 3)Keep search engines in mind 4)Keep your posts
and paragraphs short.

Be unique and be sure that your data is content relative.
Another samll topic that creeps up in my mind now is
preference.Well just like other bloggers who blog through
common and basic accounts I to have a preffered account.

Technorati is one of the best traffic providers for bloggers.
It makes your blog much easier to find when people search by
technorati tags. Technorati is also a large blog ranking engine.
Based on the number of links to your blog from various websites,
your blog is given a rank. The higher your rank the easier your
blog is to find when people search for things. A higher rank
gives your blog greater credibility in technorati. If you don't
already have a technorati account get one fast.

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THIS Is The Number One Reason You Are Failing Online And What To Do About It.

- Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I've been making money daily online since 1994. It's not
rocket science. There are certain things you must do. If
you do them consistently, you make money consistently.
It's literally that easy. Lots of people 'get' it. As a
result the number of web-based millionaires has
skyrocketed since 1994. More are being created online
now than ever before.

If this is true, why, then, are there so many online
also-rans, people who keep on failing, failing and failing?

Well, read this report, and you'll know the #1 Reason people
like you have never made a dime online and why, until
they change their ways, they CANNOT make money. This
report is important: don't just skim it. Focus. Your
online success depends on it.

Here's The #1 Reason For Online Failure...

I'm dedicating this report to a woman I know who goes
online every day and 'works' but who doesn't make any
money. Her story is common, and in it you see the pre-
eminent reason why so many people worldwide keep failing:
they are trying to email their way to success.

Email is one of the cleverest inventions ever. It has
literally transformed the world. It has not, however,
transformed the way sales are made. If you want to make a
sale, you need to pick up the phone and TALK to your prospect.

My female friend won't do this. She thinks, despite a
mountain of evidence to the contrary, that all you have to
do is email people over and over again to make money. Towards
this end, she purchases 'opt in' lists where she is
'assured' that all the folks on them have agreed to receive
commercial email. Problem is, there are almost no real
opt in lists in existence; most are just spam marketed
under false pretenses by scam artists. In other words, no
one agreed to receive anything. Ever hopeful, my friend
keeps buying these lists and emailing to them despite the
fact she hasn't made a dime. The truth is, she's lazy and
gullible and is willing to waste her money time after time,
in the faint hope that mass email will provide profits.
Friend, hear this: mass/spam email cannot and will not make
you any money, ever.

Here's The #1 Reason For Online Success...

If you want to make money online, if you'd like to make
MILLIONS of dollars online like I have (and am still doing,
mind you), I can tell you the way. It's a way I've used for
years, which I am using now, and which I firmly continue
to keep on using. It's an active way, not a passive way.
It's a way that is based on contacting, working with and
talking to prospects. It uses email, to be sure, but
doesn't rely on mass email to make the sales which can
only be made working with prospects one at a time.

Years ago when I was growing up in Illinois, McDonald's
was a new company. At their hamburger stands they'd
have a big sign which said '1,000,000 (or whatever the
current number) sold... one at a time.' In other words,
they focused on selling large numbers by focusing on each
individual sale and individual prospect. That's what my system
is all about and here's how it works.

I Profit From Worldprofit's Sales Center Every Single

The Sales Center is based on the proposition that if you
want a sale, you need to talk to the prospect. The more
costly what you sell is, the more profit you make the more true
and necessary this personal contact. With the Sales Center,
you set up a page (or pages) for every single product, service,
affiliate, network marketing or business opportunity you're selling.
There is NO limit to the number of pages you can create.
Once the page is set up the magic begins.

As soon as anyone clicks on that page, you are automatically
notified by email with the prospect's name, address,
telephone number and the name of the page they are visiting.
You receive this notification instantly and can follow up
by phone at once to connect with the prospect, answer
her questions, and MAKE THE SALE. It's fast, it's easy;
it's literally like shooting fish in a barrel. You don't
make cold calls, you don't spam. You talk to and work with
people who are interested in what you're selling. Best of
all,it's an unbelievably consistent money maker. I know. I
use it every day. You even get dozens and dozens of
pre-written pages you can immediately start using. This
means you can post a finished page within 2 MINUTES!

Attend Today's Webcast And Learn More

The Sales Center is the key to staying home and
maximizing your online profits -- starting TODAY!
Now, thanks to the Sales Center, you can create
a page or pages for everything you'll ever sell; you
will be notified EVERY time a visitor visits ANY of
these pages, and you get professionally written copy
for your pages, copy that ensures response. This all
means more money in your pocket, faster.

For complete details, register here and attend today's live webcast.

If you're already a Worldprofit Associate, log in
to your Member Area and click on Worldprofit Services.
You'll find a detailed video there all about the Sales
Center and order details.

For complete details, register here and attend today's live webcast.

Remember, your Sales Center is installed and operational
in UNDER 1 MINUTE! Thanks to the Sales Center, your days
of struggling online are OVER, replaced by guaranteed
online success with multiple income streams and a
revolutionary sales and profit system available only from! With the Sales Center, you get the hottest
prospects every day, and you'll close them fast, one after the
other. If you're smart, you'll get it today and start dealing
one-on-one with real people interested in what you're selling.
Like I do.

***** About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the world's
best-known marketers. To attend his online money- and
business-building webcasts free, register here.

For complete details, register here and attend today's live webcast.

Questions? Talk to me in person, directly, at 8164254906.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer


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How To Make Your Squidoo Lens Useful

February 11th, 2008· Published by Ephran Price

Filed Under: Bob The Teacher Training · Product Launches · Squidoo · Traffic · Web 2.0

Squidoo Secrets 2 is coming very soon. Until it’s ready for you, please enjoy the first of 7 Secrets To Success With Squidoo…

Secret #1 To Success With Squidoo: Make Your Lens Useful

Without help from a recognized expert, mastering any Web 2.0 platform can take time and a lot of trial and error. The same is true for Squidoo, a social marketing/blogging service created in 2005 by marketing genius Seth Godin.

To help you skip ahead along your learning curve, let me share the #1 secret to success with Squidoo.

Make Your Lens Useful
If I were writing a college thesis on Squidoo, I would say, “Squidoo was created within the premise that collaboration in a free market exchange of ideas will generate great content.”

In other words: the cream will rise to the top. However, in order for your ideas on Squidoo to gain that larger audience you are seeking, you have to make your lens useful.

To do this, you must determine what it is your customers will appreciate you sharing with them. What is it that you know that they should want to know? Once you answer this question, give your audience the good stuff – don’t hold back.

Next, you must convey your information in a friendly, readable way. Create your lens (your unique page on Squidoo) with short blocks of information. This is accomplished with multiple Text/Write modules. Use the titles of each module as your subheadings to break up longer articles of information.

According to Godin, your job as a lensmaster is to filter the overwhelming amount of information online into one easy to find resource (hence the term “lens”). So another piece of making your lens useful is to direct visitors to the best information that already exists online.

Use Pre-Built Modules To Make Your Lens Useful
To accomplish this, you can use several pre-built modules. The best of these are the Link List, RSS, and YouTube modules. The Link module makes it easy for you to link to the other websites and provide a short description for each site (for long term results, use the Link Plexo instead so your readers can add to this list).

The RSS module gives you the power to bring other people’s blog articles into your lens. The module is made in such away that the first 25 words or so are automatically imported to your lens every day.

The YouTube module makes it easy for you to put the best videos on your topic into your lens. Not only does this provide your readers with more relevant information, it also makes your lens more fun to read. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be the creator of the videos to include them in your lens (but it does help!).

Create How To Lessons With Your Lenses
Another way to make your lens useful is to present your information as “how-to” lessons within your topic. This helps you and your audience in a number of ways.

First, it directs you to write content in a logical way. You may be stumped with what to write about when you start working on a lens. But if you approach your lens as a set of how-to steps, your ideas will come faster. And with the Reorder modules tool, it’s easy to rearrange the steps if you get them out of order initially.

Having a step-by-step guide for your lens also gives your readers the action steps they need to become better in your area of expertise. As they accomplish their own goals of knowledge/skills, they know you were partially responsible. So they will “favorite” your lens, book mark it with Digg,, or Stumble Upon, rate your lens 4 or 5 stars, perhaps even join your fan club.

In other words, the more useful your lens is, the more your readers will show their appreciation for what you are giving them.

That may seem like an obvious statement. And it is. But it’s important to highlight it because with social marketing, also known as new media marketing, your reputation carries much more weight in your success.

Finally, the more useful your lens, the more likely you can get attention by people in high positions.

You could win a coveted Lens of the Day award by Squidoo. Or perhaps get picked up in a media publication. One of my own lenses was highlighted in the New York Times in early 2006, and the long term effects of that are still being felt in 2008.

So if you want to gain the fame and/or fortune you desire from your favorite pieces of knowledge, be sure to create lenses on Squidoo that are useful – indeed, make them the best single source of information on your topic available anywhere on the internet.

Bob Jenkins is an internet marketing teacher, who specializes in Web 2.0 marketing strategies for business. He is the creator of Squidoo Secrets, a comprehensive audio and video training system to teach you Squidoo fast. Continue your Squidoo education at

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Knock, Knock. Who's There? Nobody -- And That's The Problem!

- Sunday, February 10, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

To get more articles and talk to our LIVE staff in the member
area sign up here:

Knock, knock jokes are supposed to be funny, but this
time the joke's on you. What's worse, if you don't take
action to solve this problem, you'll soon find yourself
burying your online dreams forever. You won't find
that even remotely funny.

So, You've Got An Online Business. Who's Minding The
Store Right Now?

Say you went into a retail store right now. You'd like
to be greeted by an appropriate employee. You'd like
to get your questions answered in a friendly, competent
way. You'd like assistance as and when you needed it.

So, if this is what you like and expect when YOU go
shopping, why are you making it so incredibly difficult
to do business with you online?

Consider your website situation. Say that a customer drops
in right now. Do they get greeted? Is there anyone there to
help them by answering questions? Any assistance for
placing an order?

You know there isn't. ALL you offer is a 'contact us'
link and the lame promise you'll respond 'as soon as

Yet you SAY you want to do business online!

People Rightly Expect Superior Customer Service
Online And Off

I've been making money online now since 1994. During
this time I've watched hundreds of thousands of businesses
fail because of a basic misunderstanding of what it takes
to do business successfully on the Internet.

When your customers expect to be greeted at your
website, you can't profit by ignoring them.

When your customers have questions, you can't
profit by asking them to fill out a form and letting
them know you'll respond 'as soon as possible.'

When your customers need reassurance, they
aren't going to buy from a belated email message.

Now re-read the above words again and again until
you understand how your business must be conducted
online to prosper.

Interactivity Is The Key. You Need It Yesterday!

The solution to this problem is to make your website
interactive so that customers can talk to you and so that
you can talk to your customers. Where do you get
interactivity? I suggest you check out a highly innnovative
company called Worldprofit, Inc.

They have done two of the most exciting things to
solve your neglect of your customers.

First, they have developed a line of modestly priced
interactive products.

Second, they have gone even further. Worldprofit has
created what they call the Live Business Center. Here
24 hours a day trained consultants called Monitors answer
ALL visitor questions LIVE! You add the Live Business
Center to your website. When you are available and wish
to talk to and assist people coming to your website, you
click a button so you can. While you're not available to
assist your customers, click the button and the live Monitors
will work with all your traffic until you'd like to do so again.
This way you get amazing 24-hour coverage, and your
visitors get the essential LIVE assistance they expect and

Amazing! Simple! Brilliant! Effective!

Now, thanks to what smart companies like Worldprofit, Inc.
are doing, your static, conventional website can become a
live store enabling you to do business internationally all day,
every day.

To get started, go to

You'll get a Free Membership which entitles you to log
in, see all the interactive options and get immediate live
assistance from real people who are there to help 24
hours a day.

Resource Box

A good place to look for affordable interactive options
is Worldprofit. This well-known company offers a Free
Membership. Use it to review your options and,
because they're interactive, talk to real people about
what works best for you. Start at

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
known marketers on earth. Dr. Lant's free online webcasts
draw people worldwide who want to profit on the Internet
every day. If that's your objective, go to and attend today's
program as Dr. Lant's guest.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer


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How to Rank High on Google

Feb.08, 2008
Published by Ephran Price

To rank high on Google, your website has to be measured
by “500 million variables and 2 billion terms” of Google’s
equation, as stated on Google’s Corporate Information
Technology Overview page. Google’s ranking system is
based on a democracy, and the citizens are the links
on the worldwide web that vote for each other.

Not unlike our government today, many of these
“links” are paid for, and some are of greater value.
Ranking high on Google is playing politics.

Links and Keywords are the key players in the ranking game.
Google also takes into consideration the full content of
the page including HTML codes, fonts, subdivisions and the
“precise location of each word.”

Links are votes. You must develop a link strategy.
Google likes linking things together. Create a rich
network of links with distinct quality content.
Your website must have quality links going out and coming in.

Quality is the key word. Links from reputable pages
(which ironically includes .gov pages) are given more
weight than links on “link farm” pages. Linking to a
“link farm” is one of the worst things you can do and
can potentially get your deported off the web.

The better the links, the better your ranking.
Google will factor in your page content and the
content of the pages you link to. Do your research.
Google has a free page rank tool on their toolbar.
Use it to find out the page ranking and visit the site.

Google also gives more weight to one-way links that lead
to your site, and less weight to reciprocal links.
How do you get these? Buy them. List yourself in a
reputable directory listing. Make sure you are listed
in the Open Directory Project (

If you can’t buy links, write good content.
Give someone a reason to link to your site.
Again, the keyword is Quality. Submitting articles
and press releases are also strategies in the linking game.

Keywords are your platform. They are what you stand for.
Words count. Graphics don’t. Make sure your words are
not in graphic form and make sure you have relevant titles
under your graphics.

Start with your title tag. Put everything you stand for
in ten words or less. Make your URLs short and keyword specific.

Brand yourself. If you type in soda, Mountain Dew will not
show up on the first page. If you type in Mountain Dew,
it will be on the first page.

Brand yourself so users know what they are searching for.
Do not put the same words in every heading and every tag.
Be descriptive. Sell yourself.

There are multitudes of free keyword rank and suggestion tools.
Use them as a supplement to your knowledge of your company.

Think of every element in your website as words and pages
in a presentation that is going to be up for a vote.
Does everything fit? Is it all related?

Are you a reputable company with a quality product?
Does it sell? Now sell it. Google is waiting for you.

This article is sponsored by

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is Classified Advertising worth the trouble?

Feb.07 2008
Plubished by Ephran Price

Article by Katherine Quirke

Online Classified Advertising is prolific throughout the internet. It isn't very hard to set up a classified site but are they worth using?

Like standard paper advertising it is about finding the right classified site to advertise with. All site proclaim to have the most comprehensive readership but there are few questions you should ask before you waste any of your precious time.

1. Is the site free? If it is free are there options to promote your classified for a fee?
2. How many classifieds are currently listed in your desired category?
3. Where are the classified targeting?
4. Do the classifieds have individual counters?
5. Do you have to put banners on your site or other reciprocal links to have your classified listed?
6. Will my classified be listed in the search engines or other reciprocal classified sites?

Lets look at each question one at a time.

1. Free sites can be very good but it does depend on the readership and the promotion of the sites. Consider how you came across the site and what the ads are that are listed therein. If you think that the site may be worthwhile put your classified in and see how it goes. Some of the free sites allow for you to pay to have your listing promoted at the top of the category. Depending on your finances and how many others are listed in your category it can be worthwhile. Also check how long a paid listing lasts compared to a free listing. Even so, it would be recommended you wait until you monitor the site further with your free classified.

2. You really need to look at how many listings there are under the category you wish to put your classified in. The reason being your competition may be really hefty. If you can put your classified in a less obvious category if you find the obvious one has a huge amount of listings. For example if you have a classified on business opportunities, try placing your ad in advertising or marketing. It may seem a bit broad but you may also find a better response.

3. Some classified sites are very specific and others are very broad. Consider the site you are looking at and what the type of classified listings are. Obviously you would not list a business opportunity in a car classified site. Also consider where geographically the classified site is targeting. If you have a product or service that is only applicable in the USA don't place a classified in Australia. Whilst this seems obvious you would be surprised at how many would not consider this.

4. Individual counters on classifieds are very useful. What these count is how many times your ad has actually been opened on the classified site. If your classified is not being opened very often you should consider your headline. It is the headline that will encourage people to look at your classified in the 1st instance. If you are getting lookers but no sales 1st look at your classified content then at the statistics of your website if you can. Your website statistics will tell you who has actually gone into your site from the classified. Very useful.

5. If you find to get your classified displayed you need to add reciprocal code or banners you are not really in a classified site but a traffic or banner exchange. That is ok if you don't mind using this type of service but if it is a pure classified site you are after skip this type of site. A discussion on traffic and banner exchanges is beyond the scope of this document.

6. Classified sites that either work on a reciprocal classified site, have the classifieds indexed into the search engines or both are well worth listing with. If they are free as many are this is all the better. There is great value in this type of listing as you enhance the opportunity for sales. If the site does list with search engines and reciprocal classified sites make sure you understand any fees that are involved. Whilst we have found very few require a fee many may do.

Summing up we recommend you consider classified advertising for your online marketing. It is a smart and inexpensive way to build your business. We do not however advocate that this be your only way of advertising should you really want to increase your online business income. There are numerous options out there that will cost very little in time and money to implement and maintain.

Katherine Quirke is an Australian based business entreprenuer. She has worked in the IT industry for over 11 years and owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Sharing her knowledge has become a passion and she now spends much time mentoring and assisting businesses worldwide. Further information may be referenced at:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things to Remember when Advertising

Published by Ephran

Things to Remember when Advertising by Kaye Z. Marks

plug itPrint advertising will always be one of the most cost effective means to reach out to your target audience without depleting your budget too much. In fact, most small businesses opt for this type of advertising precisely because they do not need to pay as much and yet get the same, if not the most, response.
To always create effective print advertising for your business, here are a few things to consider before you start:

1 â€" Your Kind of Advertisement

Your rate of attraction (whether intense or bland) would depend on the type of ad you are going to create. Always remember that the goal of your marketing ad should be to make a sale. That’s your objective. And how do you do that? By using an advertisement that would generate interest, what else! As the Godfather would suggest, you got to make them an offer they cannot resist.

So what you can do is add a little something extra to your offer. You can offer freebies every time they get your commercial printing advertisement. Everybody just loves anything free. A free gift that they can get when they visit your shop can do a world of wonders to make your target clients beating through your door.

Or how about price cuts and discounts? Ohhh! That would really get your target audience excited. And you can also even make your print ad exciting and entertaining by incorporating contests into your ad, with your products or service being the prize.

2 â€" For A Limited Time Only

And be sure to incorporate your offer with a limited time so that your potential customers and clients will act on your offer immediately.

Basically, what you would want your clients and prospects to do after reading your print ad is to act on your offer. If you do not put an expiration date to your offer then your target audience would more than likely procrastinate because they think that your freebie would always be there anytime they want to get it. You would not want that.

But do not make your expiration date too soon either. Your potential clients may still want to think it over a few times before they finally decide to go for it. Either that or they may be thinking that a friend or a relative may have a use for your product or service that it might take time before they can pass it on.

The solution? One marketer said to have an “extended limited offer” to give your target readers time to deliberate on your value as a solution-provider.

3 â€" Keep Track of Your Ads

Use all your efforts and energy to track down that ad! Do not just stand there and wait for a miracle to happen and hoping against all hope that one of your target clients would call you or visit your shop. You need to initiate it yourself.

Include a tracking device of sorts to your print ads. One of the most popular means is to have your target audience call you, or email you, or mail their order forms to you. Also, some of the companies often use special codes to mark their freebies and gifts. They ordinarily use varying codes to track down each marketing campaign and its success.

About the Author
Learn more valuable lessons in marketing and advertising with the help of an expert commercial printing company.

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Our worldwide online community

- Sunday, February 03, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price
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