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Giblink Explained In Detail

Oct.23,2007PlubisherEphran Price
Giblink Explained In Detail
1) What is gibLink?
GibLink is a web 2.5 social/business networking site designed to buildglobal networks for entrepreneurs the world over. gibLink is a one of akind revenue sharing community, that is competing with the biggestweb 2.0 sites on the Internet today; MySpace, Facebook, You Tube,Google, Skype etc….. We are creating incomes for all members.
2) What is the gibLink Management Team?
The gibLink Management Team is comprised of a “CollectiveIntelligence” that has over 100+ years in the IT and Net work MarketingIndustries. The gibLink vision has been constructed over a number ofyears. We have completely taken away all the pitfalls that have causedindividuals not to be successful – Therefore we truly are the world’sfirst Multi-level Marketing Company that can boast
3) What does gibLink mean?
GibLink – Global Internet Business Link = SUCCESS
4) What do I get when I sign up for $50.00?
A gibLine Basic Membership – entitles the member to sell the most indemand IT products from an online store front, that is instantly createdthe moment the individual joins.
A $50.00 gibLine member also participates in the Revolutionary GlobalRevenue Sharing Program with 1 POD that is creating success for theaverage entrepreneur.
(Please review Pay Plan)
5) What do I get when I sign up for $150.00?
A gibLine Pro Membership – entitles the member to sell the most indemand IT products from an online store front, that is instantly createdthe moment the individual joins.
Each gibLine Pro Member has access to the latest marketing andcoaching material that leads every individual to the entrepreneurialPromised Land.
A gibLine member also participates in the Revolutionary Global RevenueSharing Program with 3 PODs that is catapulting the gibLine member toa massive, compounding, income generating windfall.
(Please review Pay Plan)
6) Are there any additional fees?
giblink has a quarterly membership fee as follows:
Basic Membership $50.00Pro Membership $150.00There are no other fees.
7) Is gibLink, a global opportunity?
gibLink is everywhere you want to be.
8) What are the advantages to starting a gibLink business?
No BossNo Monthly QuotasNo EmployeesNo Territory restrictionsNo InventoryMany Tax AdvantagesNo Limit on EarningsLow InvestmentEVERYBODY HELPS YOU SUCCEED – YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS BUSINESS
9) How do I get started?
Go to your sponsor's site and click on JOIN NOW tab.
We accept Visa and Master Card and after Pre-Launch, we will be takingother forms of payment.
10) What if I have questions after I get started?
We ask all individuals to please read through the website, as most allquestions can be answered by the information on the site. Reading thegibLink, gibSale and gibLine sites will assist you in completely understandingthe overall big picture. We feel this is paramount to everyone having a greatexperience as a gibLink member.If you cannot find an answer to your question then please check the forums on your gibLink site.If after reading the sites and checking the forum you have still not foundthe answer, you can participate on a gibLink Conference Call and askyour question there. Your best resource will be your sponsor or theirsponsor to get your questions answered – A 100% Matching Bonushas been added so people are encouraged to assist new members.
11) How does gibLine keep track of the commissions?
Through a state-of-the-art software commissioning system. You cansee real-time access to all your current and future commissions.
12) What is the Compensation Plan?
The gibLink Compensation plan is a revolutionary new concept in RevenueSharing. In fact it is so exciting the gibLink administration has claimedeveryone will be successful and “NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND”.The concept is based around a straight line, which we call the gibLine,that re-enters paid members to the bottom of the line so new gibLinemembers can be “pulled” through and also get paid.
(For more details please read Pay Plan on the gibLine website)
13) Is gibLine a pyramid scheme?
Absolutely not! We do not resemble a pyramid in any way. The payplan is based on a time stamp, data base - that has equal opportunity for everyone.
gibLink has been designed to make “everyone successful”.
How is this possible?
Think of it as a succession of escalators. Soon as you become agibLink paid member you are moving forward in a straight line,along with every other new member. The escalator is being poweredby the gibLine members that have preceded you and they are pullingyou through to the payline. Once they have pulled enough newmembers through, they then can jump to the next escalator where theywill be pulled to the next - higher pay cycle, by the Members thatpreceded them. You on the other hand will have been paid and willassist other members pulling the brand new gibLine members to their first payline;
Everyone works togetherEveryone helps each otherEveryone is on the same teamEveryone shares the workloadEveryone uplifts everyone else“NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND”14) Why is it important that I do not procrastinate in making a decision to join the gibLine?
gibLink is a global business open every day - in every time zone.
People are joining in real time from all corners of the globe to get inthe gibLine. The sooner you JOIN- the sooner you get paid. Weexpect to grow to over 200+ million people in a very short time.Our program is based around sharing all the revenue with all themembers – so the sooner you become a member the sooner youcan enjoy the benefits of a global phenomenon and start earningmoney, today.
15) When do the checks get sent out?
After joining, there is a 2 week holdback on commissions, then yourchecks will arrive every week with your first check being the check for your first week.
16) Is there a cap on the Compensation Plan?
There is NO CAP on the amount of money you can earn.Each member has the opportunity to cycle many times in a day,hour, minute or even by the second - the income potential is unlimited.
This is the one yall. Get in NOW

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The Cost of Your Retirement Just Went Down

Oct. 16, 2007Published by Ephran PriceBy Kim Kirmmse Toth
Because you might not live as long as you think!
So, this is the good news, bad news. Deal with it or fix it. You get to choose! A report just came out from The Associated Press stating that although we are living longer, there are 41 other countries that are living longer than we are! If we are supposedly this great country that everyone is dying to get into, why are we so low in the rankings? Here's an idea of why:
* As adults we have one of the highest obesity weights in the world. * Compared to other industrialized nations a relatively high number of our babies die before their first birthday. * We smoke too much, don't take care of our blood pressure, cholesterol and we don't' regulate our blood sugar resulting in diabetes.
Granted our life expectancy is higher than it has ever been. But, what are our excuses for why so many other industrialized nations surpass us in life span? Japan, France, Australia, Sweden, Canada and the U.K. are all ahead of us. Twenty years ago we used to be in 11th place, we have dropped to 41st. Shame on us. Even Jordan, Guam and the Cayman Islands are ahead of us.
This is all according to the Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics. Apparently, one of the reasons is that 45 million Americans do not have health insurance, but I believe the bottom line is we are not taking care of ourselves the way we should. Period. If we did take care of ourselves our cancer rate, heart disease and lung disease would all be reduced. But we don't.
What do you think it will take us? How important is it to you to live a longer, healthier life? Not very important according to statistics. What does this say about us?
Childhood may be where much of this begins. As more American children eat poorly and exercise less the rate of asthma and diabetes rises. (Keep in mind this is not just children of lower income families.) A chronic illness in childhood often sets the stage for adult health problems. One of the biggest is diabetes in our children which is a result of obesity rates. This turns into more sedentary behaviors which in turn lead to other health troubles.
There is good news here, if you take advantage of it. As parents and grandparents, you have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to role model for your children and grandchildren. Children do what they see adults do, not what adults tell them to do. So, here's your chance! YOU eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and do whatever it takes to take good care of you. Not only will you overall health improve, but those of the children around will also. Now, that's not so hard is it? What will your first step be?
Do you want to reprint this article?
You may, as long as it remains intact and you include this complete blurb with it:
Kim Kirmmse Toth lcsw,acc - Transitions and Retirement expert, coaches, speaks and writes for Baby Boomers on the joys and challenges of creating a 3rd Age that fits your desires and dreams. You may contact her at: kim@myretirementbydesign.com or all at: 720-922-1201
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kim_Kirmmse_Toth

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How To Promote if you do NOT have a List Or Website.

Oct.04-2007Ephran PricePublisher
By Cody Moya
How To Promote if you do NOT have a list, website and you do not want to spend money on pay per click search engines?
I got many questions from members how they can promote without having to have list, website, pay par click search engines etc.
Example of question:
Is this possible at all to promote your website and earn money if I just started out and have nothing more then internet browser and internet connection?
Answer to this question is… YES
Some forums do not allow affiliate link in signature but allow only your domain name.
In this case use any domain name you already have on register new (For example at xodoweb.com).
After that you can use it in 3 ways: make redirect on domain name (less recommended), make landing page with your affiliate link, make so called squeeze page with subscription for to catch address and after that redirect through affiliate link.
I described below how you can get free traffic. In short all you need is to add your affiliate link to your forum signature and follow advice below. Remember that this is much easier to giveaway something free than to sell something.
Many web users frequently involve themselves in at least one online forum. Online forums are a great way to connect with others on a more personal level. Some forums are very informal and involve discussion on everyday issues, while others are more informational.
If you are trying to find free ways to advertise your affiliate link, using online forums to promote website traffic is a great idea. There are several ways you can use online forums to promote affiliate link. You should carefully consider the various different approaches and how you want yourself to be viewed before using a forum as a means of advertising.
The easiest way you can use an online forum to promote your affiliate link, is by simply adding a link to promoted website in your forum “signature”. Many forums allow each member to create a “signature” that is added to the bottom of each of their posts.
If you include your affiliate link to something for free, it is likely that others you chat with in the forums will become more familiar with the website name and probably even check it out. This is one of the most reserved ways to promote affiliate link in online forums.
This is a great option for someone who does not want to be as pushy about the advertising aspect. You can be more natural with the ad delivery by using forums in this manner. You can even begin visiting forums that you usually don’t, just to get your “signature” out there more frequently across the web. Many blogs also allow comment sections where you can leave your affiliate link in your “signature”, so take advantage of these avenues as well.
You can also simply post advertisements into online forums. This is a more direct way of reaching those that read the forum. It is free indeed, however you need to be aware of a few things before using this approach.
First, some online forum moderators do not allow direct advertisements on their boards. They usually don’t do this to be mean or unreasonable; they do it to avoid the entire forum being filled with advertisements. It is possible that you may be able to sneak an advertisement in without being scolded, but it is better to follow the rules.
Another thing to consider when using direct advertisements in online forums is that the entire approach may seem a little pushy. Many people consider online forums as a place that is personal and free from annoying ads.
Therefore, they may not respond well to a direct advertisement as they may see it as being made by an intruder that is not part of the normal forum “family”. Being bold enough to go this route however will most definitely give your affiliate link more traffic, because some of the readers will be prompted to check out more information from your post.
When deciding to use online forums to promote affiliate link you need to consider what types of forums would be most appropriate for your posts. You can certainly use forums that you regularly comment within, even if they have nothing to do with your website.
People who are use to seeing your comments will likely respond warmly to your website just because they consider you familiar. In addition to your regular forums, consider searching for forums that have some sort of a link to the content on promoted website.
Overall, the more people you reach with your use of online forums to promote affiliate link, the more positive results you will see. Using forums are perfect for those on a tight budget who still want to promote their affiliate link.
Just be sure to consider forum rules and choose an appropriate approach before posting. You don’t want to ruin your promoted website’s reputation or even the reputation of yourself.
Article by Cody Moya

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Article Marketing for Profit

Oct. 2-2007Published byEphran PriceArticle by Thom_Reece
Article marketing is especially well suited for use by visitors bureaus and promoters of travel and tourism. Here are some compelling reasons to start writing and submitting articles to travel article directories:
1. Dramatically increase back-links to your web sites. Submitting articles about your travel destinations, adventures, venues, etc. will rapidly accelerate the number of back-links to your web pages. In fact, article marketing is arguably the fastest single method of adding massive numbers of valuable back-links to your sites.
Why are back-links important? Simple really. Back-links will generate long term, high quality traffic to your site... and they are used by most organic search engines to evaluate the importance and rankings for your site. The more quality back-links... the greater your traffic and profits.
2. Supercharge your traffic... F`R`E`E. That's right! When your articles appear on major travel article directories, they are read by thousands of highly qualified potential visitors daily. Since your bio/and hotlinks accompany the articles in the resource box, the traveler/reader has a direct link to your website or promotional packages. Readers of travel articles have already qualified themselves with regard to their interest levels. By writing a compelling, useful, article which fills the readers needs and desires for information... you have taken a quantum leap forward in the selling cycle.
3. Increased PR. Articles submitted to travel article directories provide valuable free content to editors and publishers of travel and tourism related ezines, newsletters, websites and print publications. These editors and publishers are hungry for additional new content to provide to their readers. Your articles give these publications the content they need and want. Your fully linked bio/resource box accompanies every article that is reprinted... which means a continuing growing base of published articles for you.
4. Capitalize and expand the use of already available materials. Most visitor bureaus and travel promotion & PR firms have tons of feature articles, brochures, etc. sitting in their files that can be put to multiple use. By simply converting and re-purposing existing materials you have a never ending supply of article materials that are perfect for free syndication. Most visitors bureaus have PR firms on retainer whose job it is to produce feature articles for you. Why not simply tell them to start utilizing the power of free article distribution to enhance your travel promotion efforts?
5. Reduce overstrained advertising budgets. A serious effort to get dozens (or hundreds) of articles promoting your travel destination, will enable you to greatly reduce paid advertising budgets... without suffering a decline in quality traffic to your web sites. In fact, the efficiency of article marketing is so superior to paid advertising that some visitor bureaus and promotional agencies are re-allocating budget dollars away from paid ads to produce large quantities of feature article materials... which they then syndicate free through niched travel article directories.
In summation, your travel promotion firm or visitors bureau will experience strong benefits from article marketing. A serious program of article marketing will save you time and money, increase your sales and profits, enhance your image, & expand your reach. Article marketing will boost your cash flow, expand visitor counts, and allow you the luxury of re-allocating limited budgets to special projects.
(c) Copyright 2006-All Rights Reserved: Thom Reece is the CEO of Travel Article Library(tm) [ http://www.TravelArticleLibrary.com ], a leading travel article directory which provides free syndication for travel writers, free content to travel related publications, and free information to the traveling public... worldwide. This article may be freely reprinted so long as all copyright attributions, and the full content of this resource box are included.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Thom_Reece

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Writing Articles for Publication on the Internet

Oct.1-2007Ephran PricePlubisher
Writing Articles for Publication on the InternetBy: R. Lee Serratt
Writing articles for publication on the internet seems to intimidate many people. It really isn't a hard to do as it might seem at first blush. I wish there was some magic wand that I could wave to dispel this confusion. Unfortunately there isn't. The best advice I can give is get over it and start writing.
I've been told that it doesn't matter so much how well you write as that you do the writing. I can testify to the validity of this. I like, many of you, was once fearful that my style wouldn't go over and that there was a good chance that I would end up looking like a fool.
The interesting thing is that once I sat down and started writing I discovered that I did in fact have something worth saying and that I had a way of saying it that works well. I found my voice so to speak.
Once you start writing you will discover your voice as well. I promise. You also have something to say that other people want to hear about.
To get started, I suggest that you first open a note pad and start a list of things you want to write about. These can be hobbies, things you've been interested in for some time, or things you know about from work.
You might feel that you don't know enough about something to write about it. This is a fallacy. If you've been interested enough in something so that it has risen to the level of a hobby, it is likely that you know more about it than 90% of other people. Also you are going to have a perspective on the subject that is different than anybody else. When it comes down to it, it is your perspective that people want to read about.
Another way to come up with ideas to write about is do a search on Google for your subject of interest. Start looking through the sites until you find an article which you know could be written better. Sit down and rewrite the article from your perspective.
Now I want to give you a word of caution here. Please do not copy other peoples work. One thing that you are going to find is that writing is work. There is no way of getting around it. Putting your name on other peoples work is just plain wrong. There are also the factors that, plagiarism is against the law, you can be fined and even be sent to jail for it. The whole idea here is to find your own voice.
If you've made a list of your own ideas, pick one and open another note pad.
On this new pad make a list of the things about your subject. Think of it like making an outline. Don't do any expository writing here; just list what you know about your subject in broad strokes. It doesn't have to be in any order or to comply with any other criteria. Here you are just getting your ideas out of your head to somewhere you can see them. You will be surprised what this little exercise will do to inflame your imagination.
Once you've got your list, you're ready to start writing. Again don't worry about writing in any order. Pick something from your list and write a couple of paragraphs about it. Don't do any editing or worry about spelling at this point. You'll do the editing later. Go through your list until you've got a couple of paragraphs on each part of your subject, save the files and close everything. Go get yourself a cup of coffee, you deserve it. Most of the hard work is finished.
If you do this exercise a couple of times a week you are going to have the basic notes necessary to write an entire book on your subject of interest in a very short period, but we'll get into writing a book at another time.
Ok, you're relaxed. Now it's time to reread what you've written. Up to this point I've suggested that you do your writing in a note pad. The reason for this is note pad has very little formatting ability and this is on purpose. If you concentrate on writing instead of formatting you will be able to let your ideas flow more freely.
Once you've gone through the process outlined above, you can open your word processor. This is where you can change the way you've said things, get the spelling right and put things in a natural progression. Only when you've done these do you get to the formatting. While making sure that everything follows a natural progression, making sure that things are spelled correctly and that the comas are in the right place, is an important part of the process these aren’t really the creative part of writing. (They do go to your credibility, so don't skip them!)
I've suggested that you do your first drafts in note pad or some other low level processor; I actually do this a little differently. Rather than using note pad to do my initial writing, I actually open my html editor and write there. For some reason I feel like I am being more productive doing it this way. Only after I get the first draft down do I open the word processor and go to work on finishing the article.
The idea here is to do what works for you. If you're happy writing on papyrus then by all means write on papyrus. The point is WRITE! A tool I use in the editing process is voice recognition software. Usually these programs are meant to enable a person to speak to their computer and have it transcribed to the word processor. I don't use it to write though. I like the process of typing. It's just slow enough that my thoughts can stay ahead of it.
Rather, I have the software read back to me, what I've written. Ok the voice is flat and only has a small amount of inflection but it does have just enough to make sure my punctuation puts it where I want it in the article. Try it you'll be surprised how much your writing will improve.
Something you want to keep in mind. People on the internet are looking for information and they don't want to go through allot of fluff to get to it. So focus your writing. Make your paragraphs no more than four sentences long if you can. A good length for an article for internet publication is between 750 and 1500 words. I find that I can usually make my point and get the info across in that amount of space. Any longer and you run the risk of losing the readers attention, any shorter and you run the risk of not giving the info that the reader is looking for.
If you follow these suggestions, it won't be long before you discover that not only do you have the ability to write, you will get to the point that if you don't write every day it will not be complete. There are a number of reasons to write. One that I've heard more than once is to find out what we think. It's an interesting idea that we can understand much more about what we think if we can see it written down. Often I find that what I think in my head is incomplete and writing it out, gives me the opportunity to fill in the blanks. I also often find that, when I am writing, things that I didn't know that I knew come out, so it is self-enlightening as well.
Writing is many things to many people. Art form, a way of communicating, a way of sharing our knowledge, most of all I think writing is a way of getting to know my self better.I wish you the best of luck and look forward to you sharing with me.
Article Source: http://articleswitchboard.com
Information about the Author: R'Lee Serratt is owner, administrator and webmaster of ArticleSwitchboard.com