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Relying Exclusively On Email To Build Your Business? You'll SOON Be Out Of Business!

Published by Ephran Price

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
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Email is perhaps the most well-known tool that's emerged from the Internet.
It's universal. It's cheap. And every newbie can't wait to use it to build their
online business. After all, it's a synch, right? Email somebody. Make money.


A Brief History Of Email

Back in 1994, email was new and exciting. You sat down at your computer,
created your message, emailed it. Voila, people actually responded. Light
bulbs went off in heads worldwide: this was an unbelievable bonanza. That
something you could get for a pittance was certain to generate gigantic
returns. Wowser!

And so the email rush began until in short order, all of us buried in the stuff,
the counter-revolution took shape: the rush to keep the torrents of email being
sent from getting to -- you! All sorts of systems emerged that stopped email
dead in its tracks. Someone would think of a way to help email get through.
Someone else invented a way to block it. Net result: studies now show that up
to 99% of the email that's sent is actually stopped, never reaching the person
for whom it's intended, the person you expected to buy.

What does this mean for you? It means that the rosy figuring you've
been doing about all the money you're going to make with email is
COMPLETELY erroneous. Consider this common example: a fellow
told me the other day he'd purchased a 'sure-thing' opt-in list of
100,000. He said he expected a 1% return with 1000 people buying
his $49.95 item. Yes, a quick and painless $50,000!!! He was already
spending that money in his head when I talked to him.

He hired a copywriter for $2000 to write his sizzling message; (when
you're 'sure' of making $50,000, spending $2000 more is 'nothing').
Then he emailed... and waited. A day. Two days. A week. Then grim
The 'sure thing' $50,000 gain had turned into a sure loss of over $2,000.

This is why good judgement is said to be the result of bad experience.

So, How Do You Build An Online Business Then? By Getting An
Interactive Website And TALKING To People

The crazy notion has grown up on the 'net that there is something
entirely different about doing business online and doing business offline.
Rubbish. Consider what you as a customer want when you go into an
offline store.

You want a staffer to greet you and ask what assistance you
need. You want that staffer to direct you courteously and
knowledgeably. You want professional help as and when you
need it, but not someone who hovers. Isn't that about the size of it?

Well, guess what? Your customers want the same thing from you.
That is, they want to be greeted by you live when they visit your
website. They want to know that they can get their queries answered
and concerns handled promptly by someone polite and informative.
Finally, when they're ready to place an order, they want your assistance.

In other words, if you expect to profit online, there's no effortless
means where you simply have to email a message, then stand by
waiting for a torrent of cash. You have to work your business,
day in, day out which means TALKING to folks.

Online, as offline, you build your business by TALKING TO one
customer at a time. Talking to them, answering their questions, being
generally helpful and available.

If this discourages you, maybe business per se isn't your cup of
tea. But if you accept the fact that ALL businesses are built one
customer at a time, then you're ready to do what it takes to
use the 'net to your daily advantage. Thus, do this: transform your
website into an interactive business emporium where you can greet
and work with people inexpensively worldwide. Talking to your
customers; this is the real benefit of the Web, and you can start
doing and profiting from it today.

Website interactivity -- not misunderstood email -- is what makes you
rich online. Don't wait another minute to get and use it. That's
how you get rich online, not by gambling on email.

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About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
known marketers on earth. Dr. Lant's free online webcasts
draw people worldwide who want to profit on the Internet
every day. If that's your objective, go to and attend today's
program as Dr. Lant's guest.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer

Friday, April 25, 2008

RIGHT NOW There's A Customer At Your Website. So, Who's Talking To Him And Making The Sale?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s Home Business Report
- Friday, April 25, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price
RIGHT NOW There's A Customer At Your Website. So, Who's Talking To Him And Making The Sale?

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
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A few minutes ago a customer dropped by your website. He's been looking
for something, thinks you might have it, but has questions which need
answers before he purchases.

Have you got interactivity on your site, the means, that is, of allowing
your customers to talk LIVE to you so their questions and concerns
can be immediately dealt with and the sale made?

Or are you still in the Internet Dark Ages trying to make do with
nothing more than a form which enables that customer to email in
questions, which you'll get around to when you feel like it? If this
sounds like your website situation, listen up because your lack of
interactivity is costing you money EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Do You Know What Your Customers Want? Attention When
They Want It!

Have you thought lately about how customer friendly your website
is? Have you walked through what a customer must do to do
business with you? If you expect to make money online, you
need to understand both what your customer wants from you
and whether you can deliver it.

When customers arrive at your site they want to know help
is available when they need it. Thus, you need the means to
greet your customers and let them know you're available to assist
them -- when THEY are ready to be helped!

Can you do this at your website now? Can you greet your
customers? Can you let them know you're there to help?
Or do you have nothing more than the old-time conventional
website which really is just an electronic circular or bulletin board?

The Customer's Ready For Help. Are You Ready To Provide It?

Okay, the customer has browsed and now has questions.
How are you going to answer these questions, given the fact
that the speed and thoroughness with which you answer them
will probably either make or break the sale?

The usual, out-moded, conventional website offers nothing
more than the chance to click on 'contact us' with only the
possibility of some later response. But the customer is interested
NOW! The customer wants to get his questions answered
NOW! The customer is ready to buy NOW! Sadly, the only
thing you're offering is 'we'll get back to you as soon as we


That's not marketing. It's anti-marketing; the perfect way
to kill the sale and turn off that customer with a pulse who's
ready to proceed NOW!

People Buy When People Talk To Them!

The crazy notion exists that somehow making a sale online
is different from making a sale offline. Rubbish. When you go
into a store, you want a salesperson to come up, offer his
assistance, step back until you need it, then provide it
graciously and knowledgeably. The same is true online.
It's ridiculous to think that the 'here's the information, take it
or leave it' approach is anything other than daft.

Your customers, like all customers, want to speak to you
about their questions, qualms, and concerns when they're
ready -- not when you get around to responding to emails.
Knowing this, just how long will it take you to give your
customers what they want -- so you get the sales you need?


As the Internet matures, it's clear who's profiting, who's
not and why. This is irrefutable: if you want the sale,
talk to your customer -- which means making sure you have
website interactivity.

It is absolutely necessary for your Internet success.

Resource Box

A good place to look for affordable interactive options
is Worldprofit. This well-known company offers a Free
Membership. Use it to review your options and,
because they're interactive, talk to real people about
what works best for you. Start at

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the best-
known marketers on earth. Dr. Lant's free online webcasts
draw people worldwide who want to profit on the Internet
every day. If that's your objective, go to and attend today's
program as Dr. Lant's guest.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer


(C) 2008 All Rights Reserved.

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Lot Of Companies Want To Be Like Us.'s Home Business Report

- Thursday, April 24, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price

Lot Of Businesses want To Be Like Us.

World Profit is different from all the other

companies on the Net. Our Live Business Center

makes us that way. Our live monitors greet every

guest that comes to our website. They will

even make the sale for you. Sounds pretty impressive

doesn't it? Will it's for real and it's at my site

right now.

Notice the video explosion that's taking place?

Now you can make a video of yourself talking about

your business or any thing. It's great! But

it lacks one thing. What if your guest to your site

wants to ask a question? He has to fill out forms

or try some other means of contact. Not at our World Profit

sites! To be able to have a live person on your site 24/7

with out having to pay them is really unbelievable!

We now have over 60 expert monitors and over a dozen in

training waiting to greet our guest that come to our web

site. No wonder we're experienceing record breaking stats.

We will reach 180,000 members by end of April!

Dr. Lant, the President and CEO says our goal is a million.

Well, we're on our way.

Like i say, we're light years a head of all the rest. They're

still trying to figure out video while we have Live Business Center!

The Live Business Center is only half of what we have to offer.

Over 20 automated income streams to increase your bottom line even more.

Our support is the best in the industry. You get all the help you'll need

to succeed at World Profit like so many others.

So when you see or hear someone say their website is live, ask yourself

is it really live, (Personating) or is it A World Profit Dealer site. The Real Thing!

Ease on over and check us out!

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer


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Social Networking: Netiquette

April,04 2008
Posted br Ephran Price
Darren Olander

Netiquette is the acceptable behavior within a social marketing
(Web 2.0) or social networking atmosphere. Failure to recognize
these unspoken rules could mean little or no marketing results, or
even worse, a disastrous effect on your image.

It is actually quite common for people to misuse social networks,
and thus, receive no real benefit from them. In fact, more than
anything among professional social networks people naturally have
the wrong idea, and the few that do know what they are doing are
experiencing great results.

What is the common problem? The problem is that marketers view
these sites only as a means of advertising and sponsoring people
into their businesses. Don't get me wrong though, if used properly
these sites will increase your businesses and income, but with a
much stronger foundation.

First let's go over what not to do through social marketing. As a
side note, social marketing can mean any Web 2.0 social
book-marking, content sharing, or social networking site. You
should not blatantly shove your product or opportunity. Instead,
you should be attracting people to you by offering value and
information to other users. If you are becoming friends with users
just to send them advertisements without attempting to build a
personal relationship then you are misusing the site. In most cases
it is also true that these users will not be responsive at all to
your message and will just block or report you. However, once you
have built a relationship with your contacts it is ok to send them
an announcement of your product or opportunity along with an
informative message on how it will help them. You should limit how
often you do this, do not promote your stuff to them every day, try
to keep it to once per week.Instead, bring them value 90% of the time
and 10% promoting yourself or business. You will find that you are
attracting more and more people to you instead of chasing people.

Another pitfall that some people fall into is conflicting with
others within the social network. Know the difference between
discussion and attacking. If you have a different view than someone
else it is ok to voice your opinion but make sure to use facts and
keep a constructive atmosphere.

Now let's go over some tips for what you should try to do and
accomplish through social networking sites.

1) You should build relationships

This one is obvious, but still needs to be mentioned because of its
huge importance. People buy from people they like and trust. If
that is you they will buy from you. Introduce yourself to other
users, but spend more time asking and talking about them than
yourself. Discover their goals and needs and help them achieve
them. A simple way of showing value to your contacts is by teaching
them how to use the social network if they have questions about
certain features or customization options. You also need to keep a
regular communication with your friends; this can be done on a mass
scale through bulletins or by bulk e-mailing your friends. The
communications should be value based and mostly informational, this
will increase the likelihood of their interest in what you have to

2) Help connect people to others

One thing you can do that will earn you major points with others is
by introducing people to each other. You can do this through
recommending friends who have similar interests. If your friends
are involved in the same opportunity or sell the same product
connect them so they can share with each other. If one of your
friends sells something and another friend is looking to buy it,
then that is a simple connection you can make. Now your friends
will want to help you and the favor will be returned.

3) Evaluate your perspective

Are you constantly thinking about what others can do for you?
Instead consider what you can do to help them. If your goal is to
help others first you will build solid relationships and receive
phenomenal results in your business. Ask others how you can
possibly help them and they will see you as a valued friend.

4) Upload a photo and build a quality profile

Profiles with photos receive up to 70% more exposure. This shows
the importance of adding a photo to your profile. If you do not
have a photo of yourself you can put a photo of anything, the
important thing is that you have a photo uploaded on your account.
You also need to take the time to build a quality profile. First,
write briefly about yourself, provide some marketing tips or
advice, and then feel free to write about the value that you can
provide to others. Every friend of yours should be visiting your
profile at least once, and if the network allows for you will be
having views from non-friends or even non-members also.

5) Add and accept unlimited friends

Finally, your goal within the social network is to connect with as
many people as possible. The more people you are friends with then
the more exposure you can potentially have to your products or
opportunities. Most social networks allow you to bulk contact your
friends. You will use this feature in order to send helpful tips as
well as promotions to all of your friends at once. This is why
building up your friends list is even more valuable. If you are
adding a lot of friends it is likely you will not be able to
personally get in touch with all of them, in this case it is wise
to show them your value and professionalism through your bulk
communications to all of your friends so they can learn about you
and the value you provide.

Social networks offer you the ability to get exposure but so much
more. A huge benefit to social-networking is learning from others
and being in an environment of shared knowledge. Take advantage of
everything social networks have to offer and take the time to build
quality relationships. I still work with other network marketers I
met online over six years ago and these relationships have become
highly valuable! In final words: Networking is a contact sport.

I wish you quality networking,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

Skype: darrenolander
Yahoo IM: darrenous

P.S. - If you are involved in the new wowzza social network I have
put together a forum for all of us to use to get connected with
each other even more in a professional atmosphere. To get involved
just go to (If you are NOT a member of
Wowzza but are interested in joining you can go to )