Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smart Solution For Smart People

Your freedom and security through a wonderful computer service for your home or office.

Now you can remotely back-up your most valuable computer data easily and conveniently through VangleVault.

Don’t put your pictures, documents and other valuable files at risk, it’s simple and affordable not to.

Through our state of the art service you receive top notch security combined with ease of use and a low cost.

VangleVault is available for home or office use, we can provide limited or unlimited data storage to meet your needs

Automated backup
Hassle-free backup, just set it and forget it. Our intelligent software will keep you data backed up for you.

Access your data from all your computers
Since your data is not on any one of your computers, you can access your data from your laptop and your desktop.

Your data is encrypted on our servers using 168-bit government grade encryption, and can only be accessed by you.

Stored in a safe place
Our servers are physically located in a highly secure facility that has received a SAS70 audit rating.

Proven software
The software with which you interface with your online data is simple-to-use and proven with 8 years of dependability.

If you want to check it out.