Thursday, September 11, 2008

Desire + Action = Achievement

Posted by Ephran Price

One night when you got home from work and after the evening meal you had a craving for chocolate ice cream so you went to the freezer to spoon out a bowl before sitting down to watch your favorite television program.

When you open the freezer door, to your disappointment, you are out of ice cream and your favorite program will start in about 20 minutes.

So…. you hop in your car and drive to the closest supermarket.

There, you buy a half gallon of chocolate ice cream then return home just in time to scoop out the ice cream and turn on your favorite program just as it is beginning.

As you can see, Desire + Action truly does equal Achievement. Your desires can only be achieved if action is taken to accomplish the goal. This is a very important lesson to learn and apply.

Now… Let me show you the power of this success formula… June and I applied this motto in our lives… and we can assure you that you too… can profit from this wisdom.

Desire: Our greatest desire was to “Retire from our jobs at our earliest opportunity”.

Action: The action we took to achieve our goal… Consistently build our DirectMatches business… Consistently and Fatefully!

Achievement: What did Desire followed by Action do for us…? The combination allowed both of us to achieve our goal?... I Retired 6 years early and June quit working 10 years early. Because of our success formula we searched and found DirectMatches and it became the vehicle that gave us years of freedom from the job.

This success formula can work for you also… "Desire + Action = Achievement"… If your desire is strong enough and you take consistent… and meaningful Action… you will achieve your life’s desires…

Now… June and I enjoy every day and we are able to devote our time to DirectMatches… and concentrate our efforts on helping other people achieve their goals…

Desire followed by Action truly does lead to Success and the Achievement of your Goals...

John D. Giusto

Be Blessed
Ephran Price