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By Dr. Jeffrey Lant Date Created: 09-Feb-06
NOTE: If you are in any kind of network marketing or MLM program you cannotafford to skip this article by self-made Internet Millionaire, Dr. Jeffrey Lant.
By Dr. Jeffrey Lant
When I started in MLM over 20 years ago recruiting,training, and selling were arduous. You had to dothings like hold regular meetings (the motel rooms alwayssmelled), use "warm" marketing to recruit family andfriends, even mail out expensive audio cassettes inpackages which often cost up to $10 each. Yikes!
But, mama, things are sure different today!
Today you can work 100% from home and easily reachall your prospects and distributors online -- allthanks to the magic of webcasting. It's a whole --and more profitable -- world out there, and it'stime you were benefiting from it!
What's Webcasting Anyway?
With webcasting
* speak live to up to 150 people at a time withoutyour guests ever having to download software or payone red cent to attend. Just think what this will dofor your recruiting and training.
* in addition to live meetings, you can also record each and every meeting, so that people who cannot attend willNEVER miss your valuable messages.
* you can post recorded messages in an area wherepeople can access them for free -- or for a fee, howeveryou like. When you've finished recording, eachprogram gets a link. This link can be used in yourstationery file, in newsletters, on your website, wherever you want to post it! To get your message,people just click on the link. This gives your importantmessages real impact and longevity.
Want to talk LIVE to a prospect or distributor?If the person you wish to speak to has a webcam (verycommon these days), you can bring her on screen andtalk face-to-face. If this person doesn't have awebcam, no problem. He can type in his remarksand question; you can respond live on screen!
Use Audio, Too!
Having a "bad hair day"? Still want to get an importantmessage out to the independent distributors in yourorganization or prospects you want to close? No problem!
Record in your pj's -- no one will ever know. Recordmessages of any length. When you're finished you'llget a link you can post anywhere you like -- for instanceemailing out to every single person you want to hearwhat you've said.
Webcasting Is The Future Of The Net
Personally, I use webcasting every single day.I love what it does for business growth and profits.It enables me to get my message out to peopleworldwide who never have to download software orleave the comfort of their home to get the message(live or recorded) I want them to have. We'vecome a long way, baby, from the days when Ianxiously waited to see whether anyone would showup for that motel meeting! Come to one of myonline meetings (details below), and I'll show youwhat I mean.
With its ease, efficiently, outreach and power,it's easy to see why webcasting is the future ofthe internet. It makes your website interactiveand gives you literally cosmic reach. As a result,it's no surprise that network marketers and thosewith any business opportunity to grow are flockingto webcasting. As I can personally attest, theyLOVE the benefits it delivers every single day.
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