Friday, September 28, 2007

gibLine - A Global Revenue Sharing Program..

PublisherEphran PriceSep 29, 2007 -
Join and be Apart Of A New Global Phenomenon Right Now..
BRAND NEW-Creating a Global Phenomenon-gibline
gibLine - A Global Revenue Sharing Program...that "PAYS"
The Greatest Community Of Entrepreneurs That has EVER Been Assembled in the History of the Internet
The gibline Straight Line Revenue Sharing Program is a revolutionary new system designed to "leave no one behind". If you join the program "you will be paid".
How is this Possible?
Let us explain: Everyone joining the Program starts at the bottom of gibline I – and we mean everyone. There are no favours for the "BIG PLAYERS", everyone is treated the same.
Look at it as if it was a ladder - people start at the bottom and get pushed to the top. So when everyone has the same starting point – everyone has to be pushed through by new members starting at the bottom. In other words everyone is working for everyone else.
Its an amazing concept that has incredible results. If you hear of someone bringing in a large group of people "THAT IS GREAT FOR EVERYONE" because it just pushes everyone through the giblines– ITS TRULY THE FIRST WIN, WIN, WIN…… Compensation Plan EVER created- EVERYONE GETS PAID.
Also gibLine - Billion Dollar Products and Services at your fingertips!!
The gibLine offers a line of internet products such as domains, hosting, email accounts, live chat services, ecommerce websites, site builders, dedicated servers and more.
Join NOW! It’s GI-NORNOUS! Don’t Get left Behind!. You’ll Kick Yourself!
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