Thursday, August 9, 2007

Getting A Lead… Is It Really That Important To Your Network Marketing Growth?

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- Tuesday, Aug.9, 2007
Publisher: Ephran Price

Kevin T. Smith

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Lead Generation is Key to Your Network Marketing Growth

Respective to network marketing, lead generation is a marketing term that refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business' products or services. In other words, it is about an exchange of value. A visitor to your network marketing website gets something of value from you in exchange for their information. Lead generation is fast becoming the new trendy term among Internet marketers and network marketers. It is the concept behind getting new customers. Obtaining a lead (someone’s name and contact information) is critical to the survival of every network marketing business. It is a necessary part of ensuring that your business grows and develops. If you need to increase your sales and profits then lead generation is the answer for you. Needless to say, is paramount to sales success.

One of the most overlooked aspects of lead generation is in maintaining a formal system for follow-up. Lead generation is about building relationships, and you must stay in close communication with the people in your database. It is important to note that time spent on lead generation is wasted unless the leads are managed and monitored to ensure a return.


The Internet plays a huge role in generating leads for the network marketer. Online lead generation is one innovative approach for using online channels to increase recruiting in your network marketing opportunity. Online lead generation provides qualified leads to networ
k marketers and is fast becoming the most popular way to make money on the Internet. Advertising in e-zines or online newsletters are good avenues for acquiring targeted leads.

Obtaining someone’s contact information via an opt-in form online is effective because the buyer can request information from a number of businesses at a time, while the seller can contact someone who has given him permission . Online lead generation not only works for network marketers but can work for any kind of business like insurance agencies, automobile dealers, educational institutions, furniture stores, mortgage or any other service-oriented industry. This strategy enables marketers to quickly build a high volume of targeted leads that have proactively expressed an interest in their programs. Lead generation is one of the marketing models online that will always work.

Ensure Your Business Survival

Remember, lead generation is paramount to success as a network marketer. Lead generation is a key part of ensuring that your business grows and develops. Remember it is about building relationships, and you must stay in close communication with the people in your database. Whether the leads are generated through online efforts, word of mouth or other promotional events, lead generation is a critical aspect of your network marketing business. You should establish a good relationship with the leads you obtain and you must stay in close communication with those people in your database.

Start your lead generation now and uncover the vast supply of prospects who are hungry for the product or service you offer. Doing so will ensure the survival of your business in the long run.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer