Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Article Marketing for Profit

Oct. 2-2007Published byEphran PriceArticle by Thom_Reece
Article marketing is especially well suited for use by visitors bureaus and promoters of travel and tourism. Here are some compelling reasons to start writing and submitting articles to travel article directories:
1. Dramatically increase back-links to your web sites. Submitting articles about your travel destinations, adventures, venues, etc. will rapidly accelerate the number of back-links to your web pages. In fact, article marketing is arguably the fastest single method of adding massive numbers of valuable back-links to your sites.
Why are back-links important? Simple really. Back-links will generate long term, high quality traffic to your site... and they are used by most organic search engines to evaluate the importance and rankings for your site. The more quality back-links... the greater your traffic and profits.
2. Supercharge your traffic... F`R`E`E. That's right! When your articles appear on major travel article directories, they are read by thousands of highly qualified potential visitors daily. Since your bio/and hotlinks accompany the articles in the resource box, the traveler/reader has a direct link to your website or promotional packages. Readers of travel articles have already qualified themselves with regard to their interest levels. By writing a compelling, useful, article which fills the readers needs and desires for information... you have taken a quantum leap forward in the selling cycle.
3. Increased PR. Articles submitted to travel article directories provide valuable free content to editors and publishers of travel and tourism related ezines, newsletters, websites and print publications. These editors and publishers are hungry for additional new content to provide to their readers. Your articles give these publications the content they need and want. Your fully linked bio/resource box accompanies every article that is reprinted... which means a continuing growing base of published articles for you.
4. Capitalize and expand the use of already available materials. Most visitor bureaus and travel promotion & PR firms have tons of feature articles, brochures, etc. sitting in their files that can be put to multiple use. By simply converting and re-purposing existing materials you have a never ending supply of article materials that are perfect for free syndication. Most visitors bureaus have PR firms on retainer whose job it is to produce feature articles for you. Why not simply tell them to start utilizing the power of free article distribution to enhance your travel promotion efforts?
5. Reduce overstrained advertising budgets. A serious effort to get dozens (or hundreds) of articles promoting your travel destination, will enable you to greatly reduce paid advertising budgets... without suffering a decline in quality traffic to your web sites. In fact, the efficiency of article marketing is so superior to paid advertising that some visitor bureaus and promotional agencies are re-allocating budget dollars away from paid ads to produce large quantities of feature article materials... which they then syndicate free through niched travel article directories.
In summation, your travel promotion firm or visitors bureau will experience strong benefits from article marketing. A serious program of article marketing will save you time and money, increase your sales and profits, enhance your image, & expand your reach. Article marketing will boost your cash flow, expand visitor counts, and allow you the luxury of re-allocating limited budgets to special projects.
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