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Giblink Explained In Detail

Oct.23,2007PlubisherEphran Price
Giblink Explained In Detail
1) What is gibLink?
GibLink is a web 2.5 social/business networking site designed to buildglobal networks for entrepreneurs the world over. gibLink is a one of akind revenue sharing community, that is competing with the biggestweb 2.0 sites on the Internet today; MySpace, Facebook, You Tube,Google, Skype etc….. We are creating incomes for all members.
2) What is the gibLink Management Team?
The gibLink Management Team is comprised of a “CollectiveIntelligence” that has over 100+ years in the IT and Net work MarketingIndustries. The gibLink vision has been constructed over a number ofyears. We have completely taken away all the pitfalls that have causedindividuals not to be successful – Therefore we truly are the world’sfirst Multi-level Marketing Company that can boast
3) What does gibLink mean?
GibLink – Global Internet Business Link = SUCCESS
4) What do I get when I sign up for $50.00?
A gibLine Basic Membership – entitles the member to sell the most indemand IT products from an online store front, that is instantly createdthe moment the individual joins.
A $50.00 gibLine member also participates in the Revolutionary GlobalRevenue Sharing Program with 1 POD that is creating success for theaverage entrepreneur.
(Please review Pay Plan)
5) What do I get when I sign up for $150.00?
A gibLine Pro Membership – entitles the member to sell the most indemand IT products from an online store front, that is instantly createdthe moment the individual joins.
Each gibLine Pro Member has access to the latest marketing andcoaching material that leads every individual to the entrepreneurialPromised Land.
A gibLine member also participates in the Revolutionary Global RevenueSharing Program with 3 PODs that is catapulting the gibLine member toa massive, compounding, income generating windfall.
(Please review Pay Plan)
6) Are there any additional fees?
giblink has a quarterly membership fee as follows:
Basic Membership $50.00Pro Membership $150.00There are no other fees.
7) Is gibLink, a global opportunity?
gibLink is everywhere you want to be.
8) What are the advantages to starting a gibLink business?
No BossNo Monthly QuotasNo EmployeesNo Territory restrictionsNo InventoryMany Tax AdvantagesNo Limit on EarningsLow InvestmentEVERYBODY HELPS YOU SUCCEED – YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS BUSINESS
9) How do I get started?
Go to your sponsor's site and click on JOIN NOW tab.
We accept Visa and Master Card and after Pre-Launch, we will be takingother forms of payment.
10) What if I have questions after I get started?
We ask all individuals to please read through the website, as most allquestions can be answered by the information on the site. Reading thegibLink, gibSale and gibLine sites will assist you in completely understandingthe overall big picture. We feel this is paramount to everyone having a greatexperience as a gibLink member.If you cannot find an answer to your question then please check the forums on your gibLink site.If after reading the sites and checking the forum you have still not foundthe answer, you can participate on a gibLink Conference Call and askyour question there. Your best resource will be your sponsor or theirsponsor to get your questions answered – A 100% Matching Bonushas been added so people are encouraged to assist new members.
11) How does gibLine keep track of the commissions?
Through a state-of-the-art software commissioning system. You cansee real-time access to all your current and future commissions.
12) What is the Compensation Plan?
The gibLink Compensation plan is a revolutionary new concept in RevenueSharing. In fact it is so exciting the gibLink administration has claimedeveryone will be successful and “NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND”.The concept is based around a straight line, which we call the gibLine,that re-enters paid members to the bottom of the line so new gibLinemembers can be “pulled” through and also get paid.
(For more details please read Pay Plan on the gibLine website)
13) Is gibLine a pyramid scheme?
Absolutely not! We do not resemble a pyramid in any way. The payplan is based on a time stamp, data base - that has equal opportunity for everyone.
gibLink has been designed to make “everyone successful”.
How is this possible?
Think of it as a succession of escalators. Soon as you become agibLink paid member you are moving forward in a straight line,along with every other new member. The escalator is being poweredby the gibLine members that have preceded you and they are pullingyou through to the payline. Once they have pulled enough newmembers through, they then can jump to the next escalator where theywill be pulled to the next - higher pay cycle, by the Members thatpreceded them. You on the other hand will have been paid and willassist other members pulling the brand new gibLine members to their first payline;
Everyone works togetherEveryone helps each otherEveryone is on the same teamEveryone shares the workloadEveryone uplifts everyone else“NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND”14) Why is it important that I do not procrastinate in making a decision to join the gibLine?
gibLink is a global business open every day - in every time zone.
People are joining in real time from all corners of the globe to get inthe gibLine. The sooner you JOIN- the sooner you get paid. Weexpect to grow to over 200+ million people in a very short time.Our program is based around sharing all the revenue with all themembers – so the sooner you become a member the sooner youcan enjoy the benefits of a global phenomenon and start earningmoney, today.
15) When do the checks get sent out?
After joining, there is a 2 week holdback on commissions, then yourchecks will arrive every week with your first check being the check for your first week.
16) Is there a cap on the Compensation Plan?
There is NO CAP on the amount of money you can earn.Each member has the opportunity to cycle many times in a day,hour, minute or even by the second - the income potential is unlimited.
This is the one yall. Get in NOW