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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Setting Up A Website

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- Thursday, March 22, 2007
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Hi there,

All day, every day, we answer questions from people who want
to set up a website, or improve the one we have.
I suspect that you may also have some of the same questions,
so here are the answers. I hope you find this helpful.

~ Sandi Hunter, Director of Website Development,

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Setting Up A Website

Q: How do I use my website to generate leads?

A: Good business is about building a relationship with customers.
You can build a personal relationship by offering something in exchange for
contact information, while assuring privacy. You can gather information to
build this relationship by offering a newsletter, reports, contest, a consult,
free sample etc. To get the offer, website visitors complete a form on your website.

Q: How many web pages do I need on my site?

A: The number of pages you need on your site depends on your goals and needs.
The average small business website has about 5 web pages, larger organizations
may have hundreds of pages. A good place to start is to think about what your
CUSTOMER needs to know, and what information provided will help you SELL more.
Put content on your site that tells people what you offer and why they need to
get the product/service from you!

Q: Can I add Google maps or MapQuest links on my site?

A: Offering a map to your location is easy to integrate to your site and a good idea.
Just be sure to ask a professional website designer how to do this to make sure the map(s)
load properly and are not blocked by pop-up blockers, and to make sure you do not
violate any copyright laws.

Q: I have about 150 products for sale, can I put those online?

A: Yes, when you have a website you essentially have an online warehouse with
UNLIMITED storage space. You can sell one product or you can sell thousands of products.
In order to organize your products and make them searchable in various ways,
you will need a shopping cart. This will allow your products to be organized and
attractively displayed, shipping and taxes to be calculated, and for the customer
to order securely online.

Q: I'm just getting started can you help me so I can accept credit cards online?

A: Yes, at Worldprofit Design Services we have been setting up customers with
e-commerce web sites for over 12 years. We can integrate secure shopping to your site
so that your orders are processed automatically and your customers
get confirmation of their order.

Q: I'm a realtor how can I put all my listings online?

A: Posting your Real Estate listings online is a powerful way to generate
leads for your business, as well as sell properties. Our developers can create
a database that will allow you to add/remove listings on your site complete with images,
descriptions, and selling facts. The system is easy to use, and allows you to keep your
site up to date for your prospective buyers.

Q: How can I set up an Email notification system?

A: Email notifications can be used in a number of ways.
To use the Real Estate website as an example, the realtor can load new home
listings to his/her site database. When these new listing are added, prospective
buyers can be sent an EMAIL ALERT that a new listing has been added. It's a good way
for the realtor to generate leads and repeat traffic, AND to sell more effectively.
It's also an added convenience for home buyers who want to know INSTANTLY when new homes are listed.
To have an Email Alert or notification system as described, you will need to have
the system installed by one of our web developers.

Q: What's a Member Login Area and why would I want one?

A: Member areas are popular because they allow site owners to control who sees
what on their website. Site visitors can be granted free or paid access to the Member
area and are required to login for entry. Member areas provide the site owner with
some level of security in knowing who is logging in and when, along with the option of
knowing what is being viewed. Examples of Member areas can be Customer Areas for tracking
order information, or a Library where Members only are able to access certain documents, or
an Affiliate/Distributor area. What is contained within a Member area is up to the site owner,
we can create this area for any purpose and allow the Custom Design owner to add their own private content.


Q: What's webcasting? I hear about it all the time.

A: Webcasting, also known as Web Conferencing is a way of holding online meetings,
training of presentations online. Participants to a webcast login to the Webcast and watch and
interact in a live meeting or presentation. Webcasting is growing in popularity because it
eliminates the cost and time of travel. It's easy to use, and convenient for speakers and participants.
When Worldprofit Design Services creates a website for you, you have the option of having a 'Talk to Me LIVE!'
link added to your website. In this way, your customers, associates and others simply click
a link to hear and see you LIVE!
If you would like to attend a live webcast to experience this for yourself, contact us at address below.


Q: How does your design process work?

A: Based on your needs and requirements a designer will be assigned to work with you personally.
A consult will be scheduled to assess your needs, confirm the requirements of the project,
and establish a time line for a draft. Your designer will follow the Site Development Plan
and post a draft online for your private review. From there an edit process follows until final
approval is received. Once the site is approved it will be posted live at the permanent address.
Any advertising included with the website development package will then be commenced.


Q: What if I don't like my site design you create for me?

A: When we design a custom website to your specifications, we spend considerable time
assessing your needs and understanding your vision for the site. We create a Development plan
that follows your requirements, your existing branding, your customer needs, and your business
goals combined with our 12 years of experience. Our full time team of professionals have
created hundreds and hundreds of sites for a variety of customers and businesses around the globe.
We've got quite good at it! Even so if you are unhappy with the custom site created we will work with you
to find a satisfactory outcome. Remember as a design firm people judge our services based on our
site designs. We earn a lot of business from referrals, when we create a beautiful site for our
customers, they win and we win!


Q: I'm a photographer, how can I put my pictures online so my customers can see them?

A: A photography site in some ways is similar to the Member Login Area example discussed above.
You have the need to post pictures but you don't want the general public to see them.
Accordingly we can create for you a PRIVATE MEMBER LOGIN area. Within this area, the photographer
can load picture for individual clients, then grant them private login access to the Member area.
Once logged in, the clients can see their photos, pick the ones they want and place
an order from the website.


Q: Do you help with search engines?

A: Yes, all of our custom designed sites are search engine optimized. Due to the popularity
of the site, the search engines automatically spider all sites associated
with our corporation. If you decide to pursue Pay Per Click Advertising we can
provide you with guidance.

Q: How can I send out a newsletter to my clients or leads?

A: Newsletters are a very powerful way to build relationships with customers, create repeat
website traffic, convey a sense of expertise, and get instant orders!
A software tool called a listserver is what Worldprofit Design Services offers it's customers
so that they can send out a newsletter to a customer list or subscriber list.
You can mail out your newsletter in a colourful image-based format using HTML, or in a simple text document.

Q: What can I do to learn more about website design?

A: Download design expert, Sandi Hunter's free ebook called:
'DesignProfit: Everything You Need To Know To Create A Website That Sells'
Download here:
10 Chapters of valuable information from people who earn a living designing websites.
Also you can access FREE videos and dozens of reports on site design and other topics
by becoming a Worldprofit Associate Member. There is no cost, go to:


Q: I'm not a very good writer. Can you help with copywriting?

A: Yes, on request we can assist with copywriting for an additional service fee.
Effective, customer-centered copy is essential to your online success and we have resources to assist
you in this critical area. Dr. Lant will himself, time permitting offer his copywriting services -
he's a 15 time author, including the best seller, 'Cash Copy' the definitive guide to writing copy
that produces profit.

Q: What's better a .com address or a .org. or .net etc?

A: Addresses (URLs) ending in .com were the first to be used and therefore are often the more
popular choice for commercial businesses.
.org addresses are reserved usually for not profit organizations.
.ca is an example of a country-specific URL, denoting Canada.
Your choice of a domain extension is often personal preference.
Some people book all the options for any given name to eliminate the chance of someone else
booking the same name with a different extension.

Q: What if I want to edit my site myself?

A: Worldprofit custom design clients have the following options for site editing
1) We can install a Content Management System on your site so that you can login to add pages,
change content, links, images and so forth.
2) You can use 'FrontPage', or 'Dreamweaver' to edit your site.
3) We can edit your site for you as needed for a labour fee.