Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hate cold calls? Rejoice! Now you NEVER have to make them ever again!

Hate cold calls? Rejoice! Now you NEVER have to make them ever again!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

If you are one of the millions of business
people who HATE making cold calls (I'm one
of them), then THIS may be the most important
article you read this year. Right here, right
now you're going to find out how to avoid
cold calls FOREVER and get your prospects to
come to you -- whatever you're selling.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Now anyone
with any kind of online business whatsoever can
stop cold calling TODAY and NEVER make another
cold call, ever.

We ALL Hate Cold Calls

Think about how you run your online business
today. Do you spend precious time on the phone
making cold calls? You're definitely in the majority
of marketers if you do. But that doesn't make you
feel good about making those cold calls, doesn't it?
It's hard-- oh so hard -- picking up that 50 pound
phone, isn't it? Dealing with the hang-ups, the nasty
comments, and the put downs is no picnic either, is it?

However, up until now you've made those cold calls
because you had to, because there wasn't any
alternative, much less a good alternative. Isn't
that about the size of it?

Enter That Incredible Wizard George Kosch

George Kosch is a guy you should know. For
over 13 years now, he's invented one major
Internet business application after another. To
name but one, he's the fellow who created the tools
you can use to make your website interactive,
thereby enabling you to talk live to people
worldwide, give training programs, workshops,
consultations, etc.

Millions of people worldwide use one or more of
his cutting-edge online business tools. Now he's
done it again.

Hello Sales Center, Good-Bye Cold Calling

For years, George has heard people like you and me
complain bitterly about just how much we hate
cold calls. Now he's invented a tool that gets
all your prospects to come to you. It's called
the Sales Center, and here's how it works.

Say you're in a network marketing opportunity. Use
the Sales Center to create a page about it; (design
assistance is available if you want it).

When a visitor comes to this page, several things
happen. First, the system emails you the name,
email address and phone number of this prospect. You
know IMMEDIATELY every time anyone enters this page.
What's more the system logs this information for
easy, permanent availability.

Think what this means! Currently when someone visits
your website, unless that person subscribes to one
of your lists you won't even know he's there.
That's totally different from Sales Center. Every
time someone logs in, you're notified AT ONCE and
can follow up immediately.

The system is so fast your prospects will be
astonished when you contact them: 'But I only logged
in a minute ago!', you'll hear time after time.

More Incredible Sales Center Benefits

Do you sell more than 1 product? Are you in more than
1 business opportunity? With Sales Center you can create
ANY NUMBER of pages, 5, 10, 100, or more. Whenever anyone
visits ANY of these pages, you'll know exactly where they
are, the system automatically notifying you with the contact
details you need.

What's more, EVERY time the visitor returns, the system
updates its information on that visitor. You'll always know
where they've been, how many times they've visited, and
more. This makes contacting and working with all your
prospects a dream so that you NEVER have to make another
cold call, ever.

You can name your Sales Center whatever you want, and
all your visitors can access a directory of all the pages
you've got for them to see.

Attend Today's Webcast And Learn More About Sales

Using Sales Center you can stop making cold calls
TODAY, FOREVER! For complete details, REGISTER HERE F R E E and attend today's live webcast.

Either way, act now. Thanks to George Kosch and
Sales Center, you can get rid of cold calling forever,
starting TODAY and start working ONLY with prospects
who come to you, for the benefit of mind and pocketbook!

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