Tuesday, February 19, 2008

THIS Is The Number One Reason You Are Failing Online And What To Do About It.

- Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I've been making money daily online since 1994. It's not
rocket science. There are certain things you must do. If
you do them consistently, you make money consistently.
It's literally that easy. Lots of people 'get' it. As a
result the number of web-based millionaires has
skyrocketed since 1994. More are being created online
now than ever before.

If this is true, why, then, are there so many online
also-rans, people who keep on failing, failing and failing?

Well, read this report, and you'll know the #1 Reason people
like you have never made a dime online and why, until
they change their ways, they CANNOT make money. This
report is important: don't just skim it. Focus. Your
online success depends on it.

Here's The #1 Reason For Online Failure...

I'm dedicating this report to a woman I know who goes
online every day and 'works' but who doesn't make any
money. Her story is common, and in it you see the pre-
eminent reason why so many people worldwide keep failing:
they are trying to email their way to success.

Email is one of the cleverest inventions ever. It has
literally transformed the world. It has not, however,
transformed the way sales are made. If you want to make a
sale, you need to pick up the phone and TALK to your prospect.

My female friend won't do this. She thinks, despite a
mountain of evidence to the contrary, that all you have to
do is email people over and over again to make money. Towards
this end, she purchases 'opt in' lists where she is
'assured' that all the folks on them have agreed to receive
commercial email. Problem is, there are almost no real
opt in lists in existence; most are just spam marketed
under false pretenses by scam artists. In other words, no
one agreed to receive anything. Ever hopeful, my friend
keeps buying these lists and emailing to them despite the
fact she hasn't made a dime. The truth is, she's lazy and
gullible and is willing to waste her money time after time,
in the faint hope that mass email will provide profits.
Friend, hear this: mass/spam email cannot and will not make
you any money, ever.

Here's The #1 Reason For Online Success...

If you want to make money online, if you'd like to make
MILLIONS of dollars online like I have (and am still doing,
mind you), I can tell you the way. It's a way I've used for
years, which I am using now, and which I firmly continue
to keep on using. It's an active way, not a passive way.
It's a way that is based on contacting, working with and
talking to prospects. It uses email, to be sure, but
doesn't rely on mass email to make the sales which can
only be made working with prospects one at a time.

Years ago when I was growing up in Illinois, McDonald's
was a new company. At their hamburger stands they'd
have a big sign which said '1,000,000 (or whatever the
current number) sold... one at a time.' In other words,
they focused on selling large numbers by focusing on each
individual sale and individual prospect. That's what my system
is all about and here's how it works.

I Profit From Worldprofit's Sales Center Every Single

The Sales Center is based on the proposition that if you
want a sale, you need to talk to the prospect. The more
costly what you sell is, the more profit you make the more true
and necessary this personal contact. With the Sales Center,
you set up a page (or pages) for every single product, service,
affiliate, network marketing or business opportunity you're selling.
There is NO limit to the number of pages you can create.
Once the page is set up the magic begins.

As soon as anyone clicks on that page, you are automatically
notified by email with the prospect's name, address,
telephone number and the name of the page they are visiting.
You receive this notification instantly and can follow up
by phone at once to connect with the prospect, answer
her questions, and MAKE THE SALE. It's fast, it's easy;
it's literally like shooting fish in a barrel. You don't
make cold calls, you don't spam. You talk to and work with
people who are interested in what you're selling. Best of
all,it's an unbelievably consistent money maker. I know. I
use it every day. You even get dozens and dozens of
pre-written pages you can immediately start using. This
means you can post a finished page within 2 MINUTES!

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The Sales Center is the key to staying home and
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a page or pages for everything you'll ever sell; you
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these pages, and you get professionally written copy
for your pages, copy that ensures response. This all
means more money in your pocket, faster.

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***** About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the world's
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