Friday, January 18, 2008

Got The Stamina For Millionaire Boot Camp?'s GUIDE TO PROFITING ON THE INTERNET
- Friday, January 18, 2008
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Publisher: Ephran Price

I've been telling you about's Millionaire BootCamp, and
how we are graduating people every day who are MAKING MONEY online!

In this issue, I have included testimonials from two of our most recent graduates.

I thought I would let THEM tell you why they LOVE's Millionaire
Bootcamp,and the reasons why you should get involved too! Both graduates bear
their new titles, Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC), earned when they graduated.

Here's what our two latest graduates had to say about Worldprofit's Millionaire BootCamp!

This from Jim Carpenter, recent Bootcamp graduate, CEC, and a dealer for since 1998

' Worldprofit's Millionaire Bootcamp is absolutely incredible. Never before, in the history
of the Internet, has there been a hands-on course like this. There are 3 things that I
really like about the Bootcamp.

1) It's hands-on, with 2 LIVE programs a week you can watch from home!
If you can't make one, no problem, they're recorded and available to you 24/7,
2) It keeps you FOCUSED on making money online. The 7 Levels build on each other,
making it easy to Graduate and make money - GUARANTEED! and...
3) You are never alone once you are enrolled in the Bootcamp.
The 3 co-founders are working with you and teaching you EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I owe my success to the things I have learned in the Bootcamp. They teach you how
to make money for LIFE! I highly recommend it to everyone I talk to. Everybody can
benefit from it and learn to maximize their Online profits! '

and this from Brian Armstong, recent Bootcamp graduate, CEC, and dealer for for over 4 years!

' I have been with Worldprofit for 4 yrs, and learned much of what I knew through trial, and error.
When the bootcamp started up I took the course, and followed the step-by-step instructions that were
set up for my level of the boot camp. The course plan treated me as an individual, and I was provided
with specific instructions on how to advance to the next level and ultimately to graduation. It's a
pleasure to take a professionally designed course that was geared to my personal success.'

Not sure if's Millionaire Boot camp is for you?

Here are two questions to ask yourself:

1) Are you making money on the Internet?

2) Have you ever had any training to make money on the Internet?

The plain fact is, millions of folks worldwide have gone onto the 'net to make money. Sadly, most
of them have failed. This is hardly surprising given the fact that they have NEVER had a single
minute's worth of training. The plain fact is: they just do not know what to do and how to do it.
As a result, they fail and fail and fail.

However, that cycle of failure is about to end for you thanks to a generous gift from well-known
Internet services company They have authorized me to give you a free place in their
stunningly successful Millionaire Bootcamp. This is a $599.95 retail value and it's yours free today.
All you have to do is email me to claim your free place.

The Millionaire Bootcamp Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Leave it to to dream up the idea of the Millionaire Bootcamp. has
been assisting thousands of businesses worldwide profit online since 1994, not least with their
line of cutting-edge video services.

More recently,, in the person of their genius Chief Technology Officer George Kosch,
has looked at what kind of training was available to help the average person succeed online. Answer:
there isn't any! People simply go online and engage in 'trial and error', 'hit or miss' activities
which do nothing more than deliver mass failure.'s Millionaire Bootcamp Is 100% Hands-On, Interactive, Professional -- The World's
First Course In How To Profit Online

Twice each week, Millionaire Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch, himself a self-made Internet Multi-
Millionaire, delivers live webcasts to Millionaire Bootcamp participants worldwide. These webcasts
are focused, detailed, with one objective: to assist each participant make at least $100,000
a year online. Each program is recorded and is immediately posted online, so that people worldwide
can access the information they need to succeed at their leisure.

What's great about the Millionaire Bootcamp is that it's a training workshop, not merely a series
of lectures. Got questions? Perplexed? George Kosch works with you to keep you on track in the
self-paced Millionaire Bootcamp. More importantly, he monitors your progress and is pro-active about
contacting you if you are not progressing steadily through the course.

Claim Your Free Millionaire Bootcamp Place Today ($599.95 retail value).

As you can imagine, professional training of this kind is easily worth thousands of dollars. However,
now, thanks to a very special offer by, you can participate in the Millionaire Bootcamp

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Here's the best thing of all: 100% of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates are making money online now. As
a Millionaire Bootcamp Graduate you will make money, too. That's GUARANTEED! Get started now!


100% of Millionaire Bootcamp graduates make money online.
You will profit too. Get started now.

Ephran Price, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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