Friday, January 11, 2008

The Single Most Important Word In Marketing And How To Use It!

Jan. 11 2008
Published By Ephran Price

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Let's get one thing clear from the start: business is and
always will be about one thing and one thing only: getting
people to buy what you're selling.

But to achieve this goal, you have to have prospects.
Therefore getting people to raise their hands and shout
'I'm a valuable prospect' becomes something you must
do every single day.

One word, one all-important, potent word helps you do
this... and that word is FREE! This little four-letter word
is the key to making UNLIMITED amounts of money. Pay
close attention, and I'll show you why.

People Today Are Surfeited. You've Got To Motivate

The first thing you need to know about today's customers
is that they have way too much stuff. Their lives are crammed
with things, more things, an avalanche of things. However,
if we as entrepreneurs are to achieve our financial goals,
we must get them to buy STILL MORE! The first step
towards this objective is motivating them to contact you
and begin the sales process.

Here's where that incredibly significant word FREE comes
in. FREE is the key to getting people to take action now.
Here's one sure-fire way to profit from it every single day.

Create A Free Report & Laugh All The Way To The Bank

One incredibly lucrative way to use 'free' is by creating
a FREE REPORT. For instance, say you're running a
home remodeling business. Your profit on a job runs
between 15-20% of the total. Thus customers are VERY
lucrative. But you've got a ton of competitors, as even
the most cursory glance at the Yellow Pges will confirm.
It's FREE to the rescue!

First, consider what people most want to know, then
generate a free report that speaks directly to them, like:
'The 5 costliest mistakes you'll make when remodeling
your kitchen. This report is your key to avoiding them!'

Note the way this is stated: it most assuredly doesn't
say 'Buy From Me.' Instead, the report is based on
solid information you've picked up from a lifetime of
experience. In other words, it has VALUE! It's the
desire of the prospect to get this value that motivates
him to respond.

Your report should be 3-5 pages in length and should
be given an actual dollar value, like $9.95. People want
things they get for free to be worth much.

Crucial follow-up details on how customers can
get in touch with you should be included in a Resource
Box. To see what one looks like, check out the end
of this article.

Now whip up an ad like this:

Amazing FREE Report shows you the 5
costliest mistakes you'll make when remodeling
your kitchen. Get this to avoid them and save
THOUSANDS of dollars! $9.95 retail value. FREE NOW!
Call (phone) or email (email address) with your
name, address, email address, and phone.

Give this ad the broadest possible distribution on your
website, in email, in stationery files, even on your business
cards and letterhead! Remember, the most people who
get this free report, the most money you'll make day in,
day out.


In truth, the people you need to attract as
customers could probably get by another day
without what you're selling. But as entrepreneurs
in hot pursuit of our increasing fortune, we can
NEVER let them know that. Instead our job is to
get them all hot and bothered about the value we
offer them, so hot and bothered that they'll buy
today instead of postponing until tomorrow. One
powerful word, one magic word -- FREE -- is
the key to making this happen.


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