Friday, January 25, 2008

Stay Home And Get Rich. Top Home-Based Internet Marketer Shows You How.

- Friday, January 25, 2008
Publisher: Ephran Price

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

How does the idea of staying home and getting rich
sound to you? Personally, I've been doing it now for
over 30 years, and I've become a multi-millionaire in
the process.

Even better, thanks to important new online tools,
my rate of home-based wealth accumulation has accelerated.
How I do it should be of the utmost interest to you. So,
right here, right now I'm going to tell you exactly
what I'm doing online so you can stay home and get rich,
too. Pay real close attention.

Getting Rich At Home Is NOT Difficult -- If You Know
What To Do AND Do It!

By now you probably understand that the Internet
has become the means used by thousands of smart people
to get rich. Unfortunately, these folks have no reason
whatsoever to share their techniques with you. They
know how to profit online; they are profiting online.
That, for them, is quite satisfactory.

I'm in a totally different position. For over 30 years now
I've been helping people worldwide stay home and profit.
Back in 1993 I recognized that the Internet was going
to become the major wealth development environment of our
time. I jumped on early and made it a point both to
understand how the 'net works and apply what I learned
for my own personal benefit and that of my students (all
of whom are adult learners) worldwide. That was one very
smart decision.

Recent Online Developments Have Made It Even Easier To
Make CONSISTENT Major Money. Meet

You probably already know about Since 1994
they've been in the forefront of delivering cutting-edge
applications for enhanced online business success and
bigger profits. Now they've outdone even themselves.'s Chief Technical Officer George Kosch,
well known worldwide as one of the top Internet inventors
and innovators, recently released the Sales Center. It has
revolutionized the way business is done online. Here's how
it works. Pay close attention, since what I'm about to tell
you is PURE GOLD.

Say you're in a network marketing opportunity and that
you promote this program on your website. The problem is,
unless a site visitor subscribes to a list and/or buys
something you NEVER know anyone has visited your website.
Since most of your visitors neither subscribe nor buy,
this means you are losing the overwhelming percentage of
your site traffic. Thanks to this huge problem you're
losing money every day; until now there was no solution.

Now consider what happens with the Sales Center. When
it's installed (and installation is automated and takes
UNDER 1 MINUTE), create a page (or pages) for whatever
you're selling. Thereafter when anyone visits that page,
you are automatically notified by email and receive the
visitor's name, address, phone and the name of the page he's
visiting. This information is emailed to you the SECOND
the visitor enters the page.

As soon as you receive this information (instantly),
you can follow up to make the sale: 'Hi, Sally, I see you're
interested in my Herbalife opportunity. Have you got a
minute to talk about it right now?'

You're now exactly where you want to be: you've got a hot
prospect, and you know what page she's visited. You've
got the information FAST so you can follow-up at once.
Your prospect will be astonished at your incredible
customer service (trust me, I have a Sales Center) and
you can start working with your prospect right away.

More Sales Center Benefits

Here are more benefits about the amazing Sales Center.

* Add as many pages as you like, there's no limit.
Create 10, 100, 1000 pages or more. How much money do
you want to make? Create the pages (profit centers) that
deliver it.

* Top copywriters have created over 60 pages of pre-
written page copy. This copy, which is geared for home-
based entrepreneurs and people selling network marketing,
affiliate and online business opportunities, means you
can cut and paste and create more pages in 1-2 MINUTES!
New pre-written page copy is added regularly -- for free!
This means more money for you.

* Want to test the Sales Center? You can try it month by
month without incurring any long-term obligation. (My
prediction is once you get it, you'll NEVER let it go.)

Attend Today's Webcast And Learn More

The Sales Center is the key to staying home and
maximizing your online profits -- starting TODAY!
Now, thanks to the Sales Center, you can create
a page or pages for everything you'll ever sell; you
will be notified EVERY time a visitor visits ANY of
these pages, and you get professionally written copy
for your pages, copy that ensures response. This all
means more money in your pocket, faster.

For complete details, register here and attend today's live webcast.

If you're already a Worldprofit Associate, log in
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You'll find a detailed video there all about the Sales
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Remember, your Sales Center is installed and operational
in UNDER 1 MINUTE! Thanks to the Sales Center, your days
of struggling online are OVER, replaced by guaranteed
online success with multiple income streams and a
revolutionary sales and profit system available only from! With the Sales Center, you get the hottest
prospects every day, and you'll close them fast, one after the
other. It's the key to turning your home business into
a cash machine. I know. I'm doing it!

***** About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is one of the world's
best-known marketers. To attend his online money- and
business-building webcasts free, register here.

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Questions? Talk to me in person, directly, at 8164254906.

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