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Millionaire Bootcamp Delivers The Professional Wealth Instruction You Need. Request The Video Today.

- Saturday, January 05, 2008
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Publisher: Ephran Price

Millionaire Bootcamp Delivers The Professional Wealth
Instruction You Need. Request The Video Today.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

The #1 reason you're not making money online is
because no one has ever taught you how to succeed.
What's more, you've never had any professional
mentoring, either, no one to teach you what to do
and help you do it. As a result, every day online
you're just wasting your time and money.

Meet, George Kosch And The
Millionaire Bootcamp & Millionaire Mentoring,
Your Best Friends Online

You probably already know about
Since 1994 they've helped thousands of businesspeople
and entrepreneurs profit online with domain
hosting, custom website design, and a line of
low-cost, easy-to-use, no-software-to-download
video services. Over the years they have achieved
an enviable reputation for solid products, excellent
customer service and the kind of old-fashioned
business integrity your grandfather wanted in the
businesses he did business with.

Once George Kosch,'s Chief Technology
Officer and himself a self-made Internet multi-millionaire,
has finished creating the state-of-the-art video
services, he focused his attention on the state of
wealth education online. Just who was teaching people
like you and me what we need to know to make a 6-
figure online income grow a 7-figure net worth?

After an exhausive search, the answer was in: NO
ONE was using the new video services to teach people
the fundamentals of how to use the Internet to
profit. As a result, George and the folks at created the Millionaire Bootcamp,
the world's first and so far only professional
course in learning how to use the Internet to make
consistent, predictable, dependable money.

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Make
Money Online. You Will, Too -- GUARANTEED!

Twice weekly, Chief Millionaire Bootcamp Instructor
George Kosch makes live online presentations.
These presentations focus on just what you need
to do to profit online. No fluff. Just fact and
proven money-making techniques for whatever you're

These programs are excellent. I know. I have never
missed a single one since the day Millionaire
Bootcamp opened to rave reviews. (Don't worry
if you do. Each presentation is recorded and
immediately posted online for instant 24/7 access
by anyone worldwide with an Internet connection.)
What you learn in Millionaire Bootcamp is the real
nitty-gritty of how to make money online.

Between Millionaire Bootcamp sessions, you benefit
from Millionaire Mentoring. Here successful
online entrepreneurs help you as you implement
what you've learned in Millionaire Bootcamp. As a
result, even before you graduate (which takes about
60 days), you're already making money. It's important
to emphasize that EVERY graduate makes money online
without exception. You will, too!

Request Your Free Millionaire Bootcamp Video &
Register For Millionaire Bootcamp Today

At any given time, Millionaire Bootcamp is limited
to just 250 people determined to master the art
of making money online. YOU can be one of these
fortunate folks.

To get your free video with detailed information
and to register today, just register here.

Remember, without detailed, professional instruction
you are not going to know how to profit online
and you'll just keep wasting your time and money.

Now, thanks to the Millionaire Bootcamp and
Millionaire Mentoring, you'll know precisely how
to make a 6-figure online income and 7-figure
net worth.

Ephran Price, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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