Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why I Uses Efficient, Inexpensive Webcast Services Every Single Day

- Thursday, January 03, 2008
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Self-Made Internet Multi-Millionaire Explains
Why I Uses Efficient, Inexpensive Webcast
Services Every Single Day

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I'm going to be frank. One major reason why
I profit online every single day is because
my website is webcast-enabled. I have and
use my inexpensive, super efficient webcast
services every single day to profit, and I
cannot imagine any online business that
wouldn't be better off webcasting. See for

First, I use webcast services to talk directly
to my prospects worldwide. I'm a copywriter and
marketer. People retain me to sell more of their
products/services and to generate lots more
prospect leads.

In the olden days, I dealt with them by telephone
and by email. Now I webcast. A prospect goes to
my online meeting room, rings a doorbell (or
sends me an email letting me know she's there).
Notified, I pop up live and get down to business
with my prospect. (If I'm unavailable the prospect
can easily leave me a message so I can get back.)

If the prospect has a webcam, we talk face-to-face.
If my prospect doesn't, my live picture is on screen
and he can talk to me via audio or, lacking that,
he can type in his questions and I answer them live.
It's an incredible, ultra-efficient system.

Say that my prospect has a partner who he wants to
hear what I've got to say but who cannot come to
that meeting. No problem! With my webcast services
I simply record the meeting by clicking a button.
When the meeting is over, I click another button
and create a link. I then email this to the missing
participate who clicks on the link and gets the
complete meeting content. Terrific!

I can do the same thing with larger meetings. My
webcast services enable me to hold meetings and
professional presentations of up to 150 people at
a time. I can use PowerPoint slides or create my
own; I can even rent out time I don't use and
enable others to use it while generating extra
money for myself. As always, all meetings can be
recorded and posted online, used in signature
files, included in ezines, you name it. This
way nobody loses a word of what I want them to

I've got another super webcasting service, too:
The Instant Video Recording System. This gives me
10 full hours of video recording time every single
month. Using it is as easy as 1-2-3. Sit down
in front of your webcam; (I like the Logitech Quick
Cam Messenger at about $40 at Walmart). Record your
message of any length; (most people prefer 5-10
minute messages). When you're finished hit the
stop button, then hit a button that creates a
link which you can email to whoever you want.

This is a great way to create product/service
promos, video ads, and, of course, personal messages
to prospects and customers. So far, I've recorded
nearly 60 of these handy videos. I constantly
use and reuse them to deliver my messages. What's
great about the inexpensive system I use is that
you can rent it by the month if you like; you get
unlimited downloads as part of the price. That
means if you want to email the link to a million
people who download it, you never pay more.

Thanks to the incredible webcast services, I
have, I'm making more money than ever online --
every single day!

Once you start using webcasting in your business,
you'll wonder how you ever did business online
without it. I know.

See for yourself - register here

Webcasting services can easily be added to your
website in just 5 MINUTES! In short, you can
start profiting from webcasting, like me, TODAY!

Have a great week!

Ephran Price, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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