Friday, April 20, 2007

Become A Certified eBusiness Consultant In Just 60 Days From Home

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- Friday, April 20, 2007
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Publisher: Ephran Price

Become A Certified eBusiness Consultant In Just 60 Days From Home

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Warning: Without question, this may be the most
important article you ever read about how to
profit online. Read it! Print it out! Then go to and register for Worldprofit's
Millionaire Bootcamp and Certified eBusiness
Consultant Program today.

Folks, I saw this bumper sticker the other day:
'If you think education is expensive, consider the
alternative.' Exactly.

As a man with 1 undergraduate and 3 graduate
degrees myself, I am one of the millions of
professionals who understands that lifelong
learning and instruction are crucial for the
most successful life. That's why I'm thrilled about
both the online training program and professional
designation being offered by well-known Internet
company Worldprofit.

Worldprofit has been an online innovator since
1994; they have, for instance, been in the forefront
of developing Internet interactivity and webcasting
without software download for businesses and
entrepreneurs worldwide.

Like Steve Jobs at Apple, however, Worldprofit
doesn't believe in just inventing software. Instead
it focuses on training people to use software and,
in the process, make guaranteed online profits.

The folks at Worldprofit point to the undeniable
fact that millions of people have failed and
continue to fail online because they have never
had a single moment's professional training in
the tools they need, how to use them, and how
to make consistent online profit. As a result,
failure is certain.

Enter Millionaire Bootcamp And The Certified
eBusiness Consultant Designation

To solve this problem, in 2005 Worldprofit Co-Founder
and Chief Technology Officer George Kosch set up
Worldprofit's Millionaire Bootcamp program.
The purpose of the program is to take people
at any level of online proficiency -- especially
people who have had no Internet success whatsoever --
and give them professional instruction in how to
make guaranteed online profits.

All anyone needs to participate in Millionaire
Bootcamp is an internet connection. Millionaire
Bootcamp instruction is given live weekly by
George Kosch. Each interactive presentation is about
60 minutes in lenth and is simultaneously recorded
and posted online for easy 24/7 access by anyone
anywhere in the world.

Participants learn what the Internet is, how the
Internet works, the tools you need to grow a
business and profit online, and how to master the
tools for guaranteed online success. The program
is not just lectures and presentations. Instead it
is based on one simple principle: 'learn and do.'
You learn what to do and then, under Kosch's expert
guidance, you go out and implement what you learned.

Very importantly, participants can get DAILY
feed-back on their performance and what they need
to do to improve. To get this feed-back they simply
click one link to get their 'Millionaire Bootcamp
Report Card', a detailed look at how they're doing.
You can imagine how valuable this expert DAILY feed-back
is for your success.

100% Of Participants Make Money Online Even Before
They Graduate

Due to the way this unique online success program
is structured, participants are making money even
before they graduate. This total level of success is
guaranteed by Worldprofit.

How long does it take to graduate and become a
Certified eBusiness Consultant (CEC)? Millionaire Bootcamp
is self-paced, with most CECs graduating within 60-90

Says Millionaire Bootcamp creator George Kosch:
'This program offers the professional instruction in
profiting online that has until now been conspicuously
absent. Even the greenest newbie, who has never
experienced any success online, can register free today
and be 100% assured of making money online guaranteed.
We give them not only detailed, step-by-step instuction
but also DAILY feed-back and support for certain success.'

Register F R E E for Millionaire Bootcamp and get
started today becoming a Certified eBusiness Consultant.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer


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