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Lights! Camera! Money!

If you're running any web business, especially
home-based, MLM, or business opportunity, it's
time for you to profit from webcasting!

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

The Internet is evolving into an environment
where we can all talk to each other live and in
living color. That's very good news for business.

For the first decade of it's life, the Internet
was flat, passive, and one-dimensional. You
couldn't talk to anyone live online and they
couldn't talk to you. This made such must-do
tasks as training and customer service difficult,
if not impossible.

Not any more!

Now, thanks to rapid advances online which have
dropped prices and improved services, it's
possible for even the smallest home business on
earth to afford the ability to webcast. This
changes everything!

Now if you're running an MLM or business opportunity,
you can host a meeting of up to 150 people live,
while simultaneously recording the event. When
you're done recording, just click a single button,
creating a link you can then email to folks who
weren't able to attend. All of a sudden, you can reach
far more people, in a far more impacting way.

What do you need to make this happen? Just
low-priced webcast services and a webcam; (there
are many to choose from, but at about $35-40
the Logitech Quick Cam Messenger is inexpensive
and reliable.)

A great company to check out for its high-quality,
very attractively priced webcast services is
Worldprofit, Inc., well known online since 1993.

Worldprofit has specialized in creating quick,
easy, inexpensive webcast services most of which
can be up and running within 5 MINUTES. No kidding!

Worldprofit has a line of webcast services that
enable you to speak live to 15, 50 or up to 150
people at a time in your own online meeting room.
All come with an easy recording function, too.

Worldprofit even has an 'Instant Video Recording
Studio' that gives you up to 10 hours of video
recording time monthly. Sit down in front of your
webcam, do a promo about one of your products or
services. When you've finished what you have to
say, click stop, then click another button to
create a link that you can email to folks worldwide.
Amazing! Now you can easily reach the people you
want to hear your message, even if they number in
the millions!

When you've got these terrific webcast services,
you can talk direct to your prospects, customers
and distributors worldwide. It'll never cost
them a penny and will enable you to answer
questions, handle customer service, and, of course,
make deals. It also enables you to provide
essential training and both live and recorded

Studies are now constantly being released showing
that webcasting increases customer satisfaction
and sales, and it's easy to see why. Webcasting
makes it fast and easy to communicate worldwide!

To see these amazing, attractively priced webcast
services for yourself, just register here

Have a great week
Ephran Price, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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