Thursday, April 5, 2007

Could you use an ADDITIONAL 10, 25, 50 or MORE checks EVERY month? Web expert shows you how!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s Home Business Report
- Thursday, April 05, 2007
Publisher: Ephran Price
Could you use an ADDITIONAL 10, 25, 50 or MORE
checks EVERY month? Web expert shows you how!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Preface by the Editor. Maybe money can't buy
you love, as the Beatles famously asserted, but
it sure can help with everything else. That's why
this new report by one of the world's top marketers --
Dr. Jeffrey Lant -- comes at such a good time.

Dr. Lant is always worth listening to. He's been
telling it like it is about financial and business
development for over 30 years. However, in this report
he outdoes even himself.

After you read this article you'll say, 'Why didn't
anybody think of this before? It's so darned sensible.'
And you'll KNOW that AT LAST you have the golden
opportunity to use the Internet for your constant
benefit, putting DOZENS and DOZENS of ADDITIONAL checks
in your pocket every single month.

Now dig in, because this article will change your life.

This Is The Magic Word: 'Affiliate'

Every business in the world is looking to grow,
marketing for new customers. They understand that the
Internet is a great place to find them, and they're
willing to give you a portion of their profits if
you'll help them. Here's how it works.

You affiliate yourself with the company; (remember,
it's always free to do so.) Then the company gives
you the necessary marketing materials, including banners,
to post on your site. As you generate traffic and
sales for the company they pay you. It's the easiest
way to make money I know because you can just 'post
it and forget it.' It's as close to money without any
work as it gets.

How Do You Know Which Affiliates To Select?

The issue, of course, is selecting just the right
Affiliates, the ones your visitors will want to visit
and buy from. Select good, solid, popular companies
and you profit; select dogs and you don't. This sounds easy
but it isn't -- as people worldwide have learned by
picking the wrong affiliates and making nothing.

This is where Worldprofit and its incredible Affiliate
Center come in.

Do you have a stockbroker who helps you pick the best
stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.? If you're smart you
do. Such professionals have years of expertise and
access to information you don't. It's their job to stay
abreast of developments and advise you accordingly.
The same is true with picking Affiliates. That's
where Worldprofit's Affiliate Center comes in.

You probably already know Worldprofit. Since 1994,
Worldprofit has been on the cutting-edge of Internet
development creating dozens of sensible applications
for maximizing Web success. They brought all this expertise
to the creation and development of the Affiliate Center.

Worldprofit's professionals do what you would do if you
had the time and expertise. They review hundreds of
Affiliate programs looking for the ones that will pay
off for you consistently and for years to come. In
short, they're expert 'pickers'. As a result you get a
steady stream of money-making Affiliate recommendations,
one after another. As you get these recommendations
you decide if you want each one on your site and want to
profit from it. If you do, the Affiliate Center enables
you to post recommendations on your site in two minutes
or less.

Worldprofit selects Affiliates from top brand-name
companies, Fortune 500 companies, growth companies,
leading companies worldwide in various business niches,
in short solid businesses that will pay off for you every
single day. The goal of the Affiliate Center is to
enable you -- even if you're never made a dime online --
to tap into the world's economic power, day after day.

What's more, if you find additional Affiliates you
like, the Affiliate Center is designed so that you
can also add these to your website in just 2 minutes.

Amazing But True! The Affiliate Center Is FREE!

You might expect something so powerful and profitable as
the Worldprofit Affiliate Center to be very expensive.
It's certainly worth the money, especially given the fact
that you can get dozens of monthly checks from it for YEARS
to come. However, now due to a Special Promotion, Worldprofit
offers the Affiliate Center FREE!

This entitles you not only to post all the great Affiliate programs
you find yourself but also to ALL the Affiliate recommendations
Worldprofit has already made and will make for YEARS to come.

Just think how much all these recommendations will mean for you
and your family. Think of the DOZENS of additional checks you can
get every single month, while making the smartest, most efficient,
most lucrative use of the 'net -- all from home!

To get started, just Register now and
attend today's information-packed webcast for complete details.

If you can't attend the live webcast, after you've registered
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Now thanks to Worldprofit's ultra-clever Affiliate Center
you can start profiting online today and for years to come,
getting one check after another even if you are the newest
newbie with absolutely no previous Internet success.

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant, author of 16 of the
best-known business and marketing books ever written,
is currently helping to train over 60,000 people how to
make money online, even part-time from home. Register now
to attend his programs FREE.
Be sure to log in as soon as you've registered.

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Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer