Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How long will you tolerate your continuing online failure when the help you need is right HERE?

DirectMoneyNow.com's Home Business Report
- Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Publisher: Ephran Price
How long will you tolerate your continuing online
failure when the help you need is right HERE?

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

A while back I was in Las Vegas giving a speech at
a convention. I had an early plane to catch back to
Boston, so I had to leave the hotel at 6 a.m. As I
did so, I had to walk through the hotel's casino.
There, at 6 in the morning mind you, on a week-day
the place was packed, mostly with senior citizens.

I'll never forget what I saw. Tired, rumpled, zombie-
eyed folks pumping money into slot machines in a futile
attempt to 'get rich.' I felt sick to my stomach
witnessing such pathetic wastefulness.

These days, I see the same wastefulness occurring with
millions of people worldwide trying to profit online.
They seem to think the whole Internet is some giant
slot machine; that if they sit at their computers long
enough and throw enough money at it, they'll somehow
'get rich.'

I'm here to tell you nothing could be further from
the truth and to show you exactly how to make consistent
online profits. Here's what you've got to do...

You Fail Because You Don't Know How To Succeed

So, how much do you actually know about the Internet,
how it works, the tools you need, and what you need
to do every single day to succeed online?

Here's the truth: billions of dollars change hands
regularly on the 'net. The number of new 'net millionaires
continues to go up at an electrifying pace while
others make consistent good money. Collectively, these are
the folks who have studied the 'net and who know what they're

You're NOT in that category, because you have had
exactly NO professional training and instruction. Your
lack of such training has destroyed any chance of
online success. Dabbling is no substitute for systematic,
methodical online instruction.

What should you do? Get trained now! My recommendation is
to get what you need from Worldprofit.com. Since 1994 they've
trained tens of thousands of folks worldwide in how the 'net
works and how to make daily profit. Best of all, their
unsurpassed training is FREE. To get it, just register
at www.worldprofit.com

As soon as you've registered, log in and get started.
There's no time like the present to change those costly
bad habits of yours.

There Are Key Tools You Need To Succeed

Your training will, among other key information,
explain how the 'net works, the tools you need and
how to use them. These tools include:

1) Your own website address. www.yourdomainname.com
The ONLY people succeeding online have a domain, their
own website property. There are NO exceptions to this.
Merely having a self-replicating site/address won't do.
The domain is something you OWN. It allows for infinite
expansion, which means you can add as many products/
opportunities to it as you like. You can't do that with
a self-replicating website; in fact, you cannot make
any changes at all to such a site. That's certainly NOT
what you want!

2) The ability to edit your site. The longer you're on
the 'net the more changes you'll want to make to your
site. You need content management to make these changes
quickly and easily. Do you have it now? With content
management, you determine what you want on your site and
you add (or delete) it efficiently. Content management
enables you to keep your website up-to-date ALL the time.

3) A site that generates leads. One of the most important
things your site must do is to generate a steady stream
of prospect leads, people you'll eventually sell to.
The most profitable websites in the world are the ones
where generating prospect leads is the focus of the
site. How many ways do you have to generate leads on
your current site? How many leads do you get every single

4) A site that helps you track, organize and follow up
those leads. Why do people buy? First because you
have attractive products/services at competitive prices;
second because you provide well-organized follow-up.
Do you have the necessary tools you need? Generating
leads is obviously important, but having the ability to
track, organize and follow up with them is crucial. How
are you currently doing that every single day?

5) Individual tools for promoting your business,
building your business, and getting traffic to your
website. These tasks are crucial for your success.
When we review home-based entrepreneurs failing online,
it's no surprise to discover that they don't have
the necessary tools and, as such, are letting these
crucial tasks go undone. Every day you need to promote
your business, build your business, and increase
site traffic. Do you have an organized system for doing
that now?

Get Going NOW!

The longer you have been on the 'net without profit,
the faster you should grab this opportunity to master
it with professional, methodical instruction. If you read
this report and do nothing, you'll be like those sad,
lost folks in the casino, throwing good money after bad.
That's the sure way to failure and despair.

However if you're smart, your success online can start
today. Simply register for free and
log in. You'll get the training and tools you need for success
so you can start profiting consistently, every single day.

Don't wait! Worldprofit and its unique Affiliate Center have
made getting Multiple Income Streams a breeze. If getting dozens
of checks every month appeals to you, be sure to attend the
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