Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Don't It Tick You Off When

Hey guys,

Don't it tick you off when you check

your bank account and you find that

program you signed up for over a

month ago hits your account and

you don't even know what program it was.

You look for the web site address or a

phone number to contact them to see

what exactly what the program is about,

the site want come up and the you keep

getting answering machines or voice mail.

No one ever returns your call or emails.

Theres no cancel button.

You can not cancel or find out any thing.

When you do find out something, it's one

of those "Millionaires Gurus" that has your

credit card info and you have no way of canceling

your subscription. You keep getting the run around.

Not to mention " Money back Guarantee" Ya RIGHT !

It Really Ticks Me Off!

Well, now I can say its all over. Since I joined World Profit

ALL has changed. The ANSWER for me was "live people"

Live people to deal with immediately. And if I do have

to send an email some one gets back to me.

If you are Tired of the all the Smoke and Mirrors come

on over to World Profit where we are Live and real.

Thank You

Be Blessed
Ephran Price Proud Owner
Skype Ephran1