Thursday, April 5, 2007

You're About to Lose your money's Home Business Report
- Thursday, April 05, 2007
Publisher: Ephran Price

You're About to Lose your money.

I'm not kidding. The cost of most
Internet Home Business programs
are any where from $27 to about
$97 dollars.

You give your hard-earned dollars
to some Internet so call expert
because he's convinced you that
he can tell you how to make a
lot of money starting a home
business on the Internet.

Here's the skinny: almost all
of those are scams.

You've probably seen and now hear
dozens of them. They show you check
stubs, and daily revenues and promise
you mansions,lear jets,pools
and fast cars.

"Just send me the low one-time fee and
I'll show you how you can make $3000
every day working less than 30
minutes a day!"

Don't be discouraged though. You really
can learn how to make $1000's on
the Internet. I can recommend an
effective home base business.

The first step is finding the answer
to this question:

"Which Internet Home Business Opportunities
are scams and which ones are not?"

If you're like most people, you don't know.
The reason is because the webmasters are
so slick with their sales pitches.

There are people that are making a great
living every day from home with Internet
businesses. You probably even know some
of these people. I know several of them.

And believe me, there is absolutely no
reason why you can't have your very own
profitable Internet business yourself.

That's what you're searching for right
now, and I have good news for you.
You can! And it's not that difficult.

You see, the problem is the scammers
out there mess everything up for you.
I wouldn't be surprised to find out
most of the business opportunities
on the Internet today are scams.

Would you believe this.
More than 90% of them are designed
to take your money and leave you with
nothing, not even knowing how to get
the refund they promised.

The reason that 90% of them are scams
is because Internet Business scamming
is wildly successful.

Almost 400,000 people--people just like
you--search the Internet every day for
a way to make more money.

And there are hundreds of greedy webmasters
out there ready to grab them with flashy
websites and fool them into buying their
scam work-from-home business.

I got tired of it and I'm doing something
about it.

You don't have to guess anymore.
We have what you're looking for.

I've done some research. And I can
pretty much pick out a scam now.
I have helped people find
just the right work at home solution
for themselves.

You don't have to fall into their traps.
Before you buy into a home business
opportunity, you owe it to yourself to
find out the truth.

There are some websites that offer
legitimate Internet business models.

There are hundreds of webmasters out
there who trick people into buying
into their scam business.

At best, you have a 1 in 10 chance
to find a legitimate money making
business (because over 90% are scams).

It is incredibly easy to put together
an ebook and sell it on the Internet.
Anyone can call themselves an expert
and offer to sell you their secret
system for $$ (today only!).

Most people who buy a scam never ask
for refund. The reason is because they
don't remember how, or they get busy
and forget about it or they just lie
and just don't send you your refund.

The "rich" webmaster puts pictures of
cars, homes, yachts, pools, etc. on
their website. Do you think they really
own these? Not likely.

Testimonials are most often fabricated.
Even though this is highly illegal, no
one ever takes the time and effort to
prosecute for this kind of fraud, so
webmasters get away with it.

Your money is valuable, but your TIME
is far more valuable.

You just don't have the time to waste.
You could spend your money on that home
business ebook, but you will never get
back the time it took you to read it
and figure out that it wasn't going to

That is time that you could have spent
with your family or friends. Or, time
you could have invested in getting a
head start on a program that WILL work.

You don't have that time to waste.
Cut the crap. Get to it. Don't waste
your time or money any more.

Many of the people that come to the
Internet are ready to get started
right away.

In my own search for a great way to
work at home, I found nearly a hundred
different home business opportunities.

First I found out that, as you can
guess, most were scams (I had a lot
of opportunities to test out the
money-back guarantees!)

Next, I found that a whole lot of
them were pretty much the same thing.
For instance, there are a LOT of people
selling Pay-Per-Click strategies under
different names. Most of them are of
limited value because they are hacks
of the best ones.

They've got the right idea, and I have

no doubt that they have made the money

they say they have. But their product
is awful.

These "limited value" products were of
low quality for several reasons:
they gave skimpy information, they were
difficult to understand, used too much
jargon, offered no support, or were
reluctant to give refunds.

Several of them were fairly new to
the Internet Marketing industry.
They had jumped in, made a lot of
money and thought they could start
making more money by selling
their knowledge.

The problem is that their knowledge
is somewhat limited still.
You can tell that by reading their
work compared to the ones who have
been around a while and really
know their stuff.

There were only a few that provided
what the customer really needed:
good information and easy to understand
step-by-step instructions about how
to get started in a profitable business.

Then I ran across a live presentation
of Dr. Lant explaining World Profit.
I'm happy to say my search was over.

One of, if not the Best Home Base Business
on the Internet.

Questions? Talk to me in person, directly, at 502-473-1313.

Ephran Price - President & Worldprofit Dealer