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Feature Article

Designed For Success. Millionaire Design Maven Sandi Hunter Shares Everything She Knows
Sandi Hunter

Here's another in our series all about key people online who can help you profit day after day. Today we're lucky to interview design expert Sandi Hunter. Sandi is not only one of the top website designers on earth; she's also a self-made Internet multi-millionaire who knows what your business needs to grow and increase your fortune. She has either designed or overseen the design of thousands of business and organizational websites.

We sat down with Sandi in her Edmonton, Alberta office where emails poured in, the phone never stopped ringing and where, just feet away, her team of hand-picked and personally trained web designers was hard at work helping people like -- you.

Q: Sandi, quite obviously your design business is booming. What's the secret?

A: The first secret is a strict focus on what each of our custom design customers is trying to achieve online. The most important marketing tool you've got is your ears. Too many marketers figure that if they're doing all the talking to customers they're doing the right thing. Personally, I regard my job as listening carefully - to what they want, what they don't want, what they're trying to achieve, when they want it, and their budget. There's an old saying, 'God gave us two ears and one mouth to listen more than we talk.'

Q: Good point. Let's get down to some specifics about websites that deliver profits and what you recommend.

A: Right. I'm going to start with the revolutionary transformation going on right now online. When I started online in 1993 websites were flat and one dimensional; they were places were people just posted information. We used to joke about 'post it and they will buy' websites. This kind of website -- which way too many businesses and organizations still have -- is outmoded.

These days smart online entrepreneurs want an interactive business and communications center. The key to producing sites like this is the cutting- edge use of video and webcasting.

My company, Worldprofit, is an industry leader in producing video and webcasting. Say you want to have meetings with prospects and customers online. You'll want an Instant Meeting Room. With it you can meet with 1 or dozens of people simultaneously. There is no cost for any of them to attend the meeting, wherever they are on earth.

If they have a webcam (most people do these days), you can bring them on screen and talk to them face-to- face. You can also record all your meetings, turn them into links and put the links in emails, in ezines, on your website, etc. This dramatically improves efficiency and productivity.

The key, you see, to the successful website of the future is interactivity.

Q: I can see that, Sandi. What are some other cutting- edge tools?

A: In two words 'searchable databases'.

More and more businesses worldwide are discovering that the Internet is a superb place to do serious business. In the process they're learning about the incredible value of searchable databases to their overall efficiency and success.

There are really 2 different kinds of searchable databases, what I call public and private.

For a good illustration of a 'public' searchable database visit Amazon relies on a searchable database to make it easy for people worldwide to access all their thousands of products from a personal computer.

A: 'private' searchable database is just that -- private. It contains easy-to-update (generally pass-word protected) information on inventory, customers, and important company records of every kind.

Q: Sandi, I understand that you've put down everything anyone needs to know about website design, including details about video, searchable databases and more in a definitive new course entitled MILLIONAIRE MENTORING MAGIC..

A: Yes, I have. I teamed up with two of the best and brightest online entrepreneurs in the world, tech expert and inventor George Kosch and master marketer Dr. Jeffrey Lant to produce what every business and entrepreneur needs to make a million dollars or more online. It contains EVERYTHING we -- 3 self-made net multi-millionaires -- know about online success.

For complete details check out, MILLIONAIRE MENTORING MAGIC.

Q: Thanks, Sandi. We'll be back to pick that fine mind of yours again real soon.

A: My pleasure!
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