Sunday, April 8, 2007

Personal Development and The Real Secret

Happy Easter to you and yours. It is truly a time
of renewal and an opportunity to restart out paths to
self-realization and fulfillment on all levels of life.

Now for some more free videos that may just help....

1. Personal Development

This page gives you access to the first seven days of
The Course in Mastery. If its not for you please feel free
to share it with anyone who might be able to benefit from
some good old fashioned motivational messages from some real
masters. There is absolutely nothing for sale or any
commercial links on the page what-so-ever.

2. Insights on The Secret

I am sure you have heard all the hype about The Secret. I
have even sent out some stuff extolling its virtues.

I watched it a couple of times but I was always left with
an unsure feeling about it. I felt there must be more as
there are lots of people who think about a better life but
it just doesn't manifest they way they suggest it will.

I then heard that there was a sequel in the works and was
not surprized. Personally I don't think I will purchase it
as I think the insights shared by Mark Hendricks on this
little instructional video say it all. Have a look and
let me know what you think if get a chance.

Again there is zero promotional links or forms to fill,
just some great food for thought.

Thanks for you time and best regards,

Be Blessed